Plushie for Splat Chicken – Angry Birds Style

Plushie for Splat Chicken – Angry Birds Style

This sewing pattern shows you how to make an Easter craft for an Angry Birds style chicken that will be a hit with the kids.

What you need

Yellow felt
Scraps of orange, red,white and black for the face features and feet.
toy filling/wadding
12 inch when finished


This Easter plushie pattern shows you how to make a splat style Easter chicken. You can make him larger and create a cushion for a fun Easter themed gift.

Use the pattern below to create your Easter Chicken.

patterns/Images should print flush on an A4 sized paper.

Pattern 1

I used felt for this project,  Use double thickness for the wings.

Stitch the two pieces together around the edges.

Use double thickness for the feet . Sew around the edges . The beak is single felt.

The wattle is double felt , sew around the edge with a blanket stitch by hand Take the body pieces and sew them together remember to stitch the wings in place as you go, but leave a gap for filling I left my gap behind one of the wings.

Sew on your feet

Sew your two eye pieces together ( black in white )

Sew your face pieces in place , and you are finished.


  1. Donna Miller says

    Bird is cute but your site has lost the pattern pieces. So, it sucks.

  2. Chickens can be made to have hilarious expressions and this one is definitely a winner! I want to try it with polar fleece if I can find the colors.

  3. That’s SO CUTE I’m gonna try that! I’ll have to go pick up some felt!

  4. this is so cute!

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