Floral Gem Stone Orbs

Floral Gem Stone Orbs

This kids craft project shows you how to make a floral gem stone orb using Styrofoam balls. This project is a great groups craft project and is suitable for all ages.

What you need

Styrofoam Ball – 2 inch, two
Styrofoam Ball – 3 inch, one
Foam Finisher/Plaster
Black Spray Paint/Black Paint
Craft Glue
Colored Craft Gems, 1 cm, 146 gems total, 24 of them clear/colorless, and at least 2 blue.


Using the palm of your hand, press down on the bottom of each ball to make a flat surface the ball will sit on. Cover balls with thin layer of foam finish, let dry, sand, and repeat. Use any kind of finishing/sealing agent with the balls, like modpod or plaster of paris. But I suggest using Foam Finisher.

Once the balls are covered and the right shape, cover them with a glossy black paint and let dry. For easier covering and painting, stick a toothpick in the flat bottom to serve as a handle before adding Foam Finish.

Using a clear gem for the center, and five matching colored gems for the petals, cover the large ball with flowers as shown in the picture. Let dry.

Glue a blue gem to the top of each small ball. Evenly glue on five flowers to surround the middle of each ball, as shown in photo. Let dry.

Use a toothpick and a damp washcloth to gently clean up the balls and remove any glue that dripped. Then place of coffee table, mantle, or in candle holders to display.



  1. it is a good craft idea

  2. not quite simple but still effective!

  3. not quite simple but still effective!

  4. OMG

  5. raspberryjell-o says

    this would be a fantastic project for my little sisters to do. thanx!!!

  6. very cute

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