Felt Christmas Ornament Coasters

Felt Christmas Ornament Coasters

Stitch up some cute felt coasters shaped as ornaments to use during the holiday season.

What you need

Felt, Silver Ribbon, Gold RicRac, Sewing Machine


1. Cut out 2 4″ circles from felt, this will be the main color of your ornament.


2. To embellish your ornaments, cut out stripes, swirls, dots, etc from felt or use ribbon/ricrac. Pin them down onto the top piece of your felt ornament.


3. Stitch your embellishments down to the top piece of your felt ornament, be sure not to stitch them through both circles- just one.


4. Cut out a 2″ piece of silver glitter ribbon.


5. Fold the ribbon in half and place the ends in between the 2 felt circles. You want the circles to have the right side out.


6. Stitch around in a circle going around the outside of your ornament, being sure to stitch through the ribbon ends. Remove the pins.

ornament coasters



All done!



  1. Judith Blair says

    Adorable, easy to make so many. Thank you.

  2. This is super cute and easy to do. Thanks for the great ideas. Keep them coming.

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