Easter Pin The Tail On The Bunny Game

Easter Pin The Tail On The Bunny Game

This Easter tutorial shows you how to make a hanging wall art that turns into a fun Easter game.

What you need

Felt or Polar Fleece can be used for this tutorial
1 yard (1mt) of brown
1 1/2 yards (1.5mts) for frame or amount to cover your available frame
Craft glue
1 yard (1 mt) of hook and eye velcro
5 or more 1 inch white pom pom balls
1 recycled picture frame
Eye button or brad


To start this project you need to find your recycled picture frame. I used a memo board that I will just use again after Easter. By using an existing frame you reduce your costs and clutter.

Start by taking your background fabric and using the craft glue cover your frame. The fabric needs to be a fleece or felt otherwise the velcro/hook and eye will not stick to it.


For the bunny, I printed a bunny image I found online. You can search for “free bunny template” and get 100’s of different styles.

Using the brown felt/fleece cut out your bunny. We used a sewing machine to sew in between the paws and whiskers.

You could easily use a marker pen or hand stitch it. For the eye we used a scrapbooking brad.


For the tail we attached a white piece of fleece. This was just so that when the game is not in use it looks cute. Glue the bunny onto the background.

For the pom poms you need to measure your velcro/hook and eye to wrap around it. Glue it into place and add a few dots for either side of the pom pom as shown.

Use rubber bands to hold it in place whilst it dries.

11100710_10205307113010391_5891538271_n 11

For the bottom we glued a strip of velcro along the bottom to securely hold the tails when the game is not in use and it is mounted on a wall as art.


Have fun at Easter!


  1. Márcia Carvalho says

    Achei muito divertido e criativo! As crianças irão adorar! Obrigada pela ideia!

  2. Cute, will make at our gathering. Kids will love it and so will grown-ups.

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