Duct Tape Rose

Duct Tape Rose

Duct tape can do anything, right? Right! Learn to make this rose using duct tape and a straw.

What you need

1 straw
Any color duct tape
Green duct tape


If you are using bendy straws, cut the bendy part off.

Take the green duct tape and stick the straw on the duct tape vertically.

Wrap the green duct tape around the straw to make a stem.

Now take your colored duct tape and cut or rip a 2 inch piece off.

Take the right corner and fold it over to the middle, then do the same with the left. Make sure you leave some sticky part at the bottom. now you should have something that looks like a house with a colored roof – this is a petal.

Pinch the center of the sticky part and the stick onto the straw. Repeat until desired size of the rose is achieved

It will take about 15 – 20 petals. There are many colors of duct tape such as… red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, turquoise, black, white and tie dye. You can make a rose of your favorite color.


  1. I think it is fun to make and I’ve made like 5 already and there is so many color combinations!

  2. Amazing!

  3. Cool, but confusing to read.

  4. i love this craft! i think that it looks really good and its fun and easy to do! once u get the hang of it you blow right through it. this is a great craft to teach kids.

  5. I usually use a straightened paper clip instead of a straw, and 24 petals is a good amount.

  6. really hard to do without pictures

  7. you can also use a pencil and wrap the petals around the eraser… thats what i do but this works as well

  8. I love this! it’s fun and easy to do… My friends love it when i make them 🙂

  9. how do you make them so good! my petals are all strait up?! good job!

  10. i love this!!!! duct tape is available basically anywhere you can buy craft supplies…Joann’s, Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Micheal’s, A.C. Moore…anywhere. love this idea. made a few for my boyfriend in his favorite color. i made mine without a stem though, just by using a short circular base. 😀

  11. You can get colored duct tape at Target, Wal-Mart and Michaels.

    This is amazing btw… I hope mine turns out good ;P ^_^

  12. Okay, I saw these, like my friends had them and I shall show them up, I love duct-tape! It’s friggin amazing. I love it. I love crafts, so it’s like a double whammy! Awesome!

  13. Cool!!!!! I love it! One question,where do u get duct tape from? Michaels???

  14. these r cool but it looks like it would take a long time

  15. Wonderful! I made one for my homecoming dress 🙂

  16. I love duct tape crafts, so I definately can’t wait to try this one 🙂

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