DIY Placemat Night Light

DIY Placemat Night Light

This tutorial shows you how to take a placemat and turn it into a night light. An easy, fun and creative project.

What you need

1 plastic placemat
1 battery camping or LED light
Craft glue


For this tutorial, take a $2 placemat and add a battery operated light to it. It’s so easy but the best thing is it allows you to make a licensed bedside lamp for minimal dollars. We created a Shopkins, Minion and Frozen night lamp all for under $3 each.

Take your plastic and turn it into a cylinder and then use glue to secure it. You may want to make it smaller or larger depending on the width of your battery light.

We were lucky enough to get a battery light that had a pull cord. Which made it even easier to turn on and off.


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