Charity Crochet Pattern – Bed Slippers

Charity Crochet Pattern – Bed Slippers

Make these bed slippers following this simple crochet pattern.

What you need

Red Heart Light and Lofty yarn
Size “N” Hook
Yarn needle


Ch 15
1. Sc in next 14 sts. Ch 1, turn (14 sc)

2. Sc in next 14 sc, ch 1 and turn for 9 more rows for large size and 7 more rows or medium size. At end of last row, join to first sc and work in rounds as follows:

3. Ch 1, sc in same place and each sc. Join to first sc. (14 sc) Repeat this round 5 more times for large size and 4 more times for medium size.

4. Ch 1 and sc in first sc, (dec over next 2 sc, sc in next sc) to end. Join and fasten off leaving a length to gather toe closed.

5. Sew back seam

6. Attach yarn to top of back of slipper. Ch 1 and sl st at end of each row. Join and finish off.

This Crochet Pattern was contributed by Irene Duquette. In her memory please visit our Charity Crafts page and help someone in need.


  1. valeriemarks says

    i want to know how to crochet slippers and hats and gloves I have a hard time learning email me a pattern please my email is

  2. need a little bit of a tutorial on how to join at end of 2nd round. Does it go from corner to corner ????

  3. I didn’t see a picture! Help!

  4. thank you so much for the bed slippers pattern there for my aunt shes 87 and has cold feet

  5. Super easy! I’ve been looking for a pattern to use up Light and Lofty yarn, and these slippers are so cozy!Great Charity project, Thanks!

  6. This site is cool. I’m always looking for projects

  7. easy

  8. I can’t really see the pattern of the slippers.

  9. it would be helpful to know the number of skeins needed

  10. finally, a CROCHET pattern for bed slippers. So quick and easy. I am making plenty for all my family. thanks

  11. My only comment is that the picture could have been better. It’s too small.

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