Quirky Craft: Break In Case Of Tea Shortage

Quirky Craft: Break In Case Of Tea Shortage

This craft project shows you how to make a quirky craft gift for loved ones. It would make a great Mother's Or Father's day craft project for kids. You can swap the tea bag for a coffee bag for a different variation.

What you need

old photo frame, relatively small
1 tea bag preferably not pyramid shaped
string or ribbon
old tea spoon
colored paper


step 1: remove the cardboard that is usually found inside the old photo frame and cut the colored paper the same size as the cardboard then stick it down.

step 2: place the tea bag where desired and then glue down the cardboard tag. It has it to stop it from moving when the glass is on.

step 3: write around the tea bag “in case of tea shortage break glass” then carefully place the glass on top of it then put it into the frame.

step 4: tie the ribbon/string around the spoon then attach the string to the back using glue or cellotape or  just tie it.

All done!


  1. i like it a lot

  2. brill cute idea !!! 🙂

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