Bling Bling Heart Box

Bling Bling Heart Box

Bling bling a paper mache box with glitter for a fun trinket box or gift box.

What you need

White Craft Glue
Paper Mache Box
Spray Varnish


This is a great way to cover a recycled box or tin.

Take you paper mache box and coat it in white craft glue. Work on one side at a time.

Use a large tray to catch any excess glitter.

Take the glitter and sprinkle the glitter over the wet glue areas. Keep doing this until the whole box is covered in glitter bling bling. To finish off this project give it a few coats of spray varnish.

These glitter boxes are ideal for fairy parties, make smaller ones for candy boxes.


  1. it is nice to recycle!!!!!!

  2. This project opens up quite a few ideas!

  3. adorable!

  4. dazzling!
    how can u paper mache the box though???!

  5. I think this craft is good for best friend crafts

  6. cute ^-^

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