Amigurumi – Bubble Leg Monster

Amigurumi – Bubble Leg Monster

This free Amigurumi crochet pattern shows you how to make a Crochet monster.

What you need

8ply wool (worsted weight) in 2 colors
Small 8-9 mm safety eyes or small buttons
small amount of polyfill toy stuffing


Starter ring used for all pieces : 3 chain join loop, 2 chain, 5 sc into loop.

Join to 2nd chain at beginning (6st) pull little tail to make ring snug.

Add marker and start to follow pattern.

Make pieces in the correct order

HORNS starter ring sc 1 round finish with long tail to sew to head later.

monster horns

ARMS starter ring *inc all* (x6)(12st) 2sc, inc* (x4)(16st) Sc 5 rounds *6sc, dec* (x2)(14st) Sc 3 rounds *5sc, dec* (x2)(12st) Sc 5 rounds Finish and end with long tail to sew to body later. Only stuff tips of hands.

Bubble Monster Horns


This is a small rectangular piece that goes in between the legs to make a slight gap. Make this from the body colour. Leave at least a 2′ tail.

Make 5 chain.

Turn and crochet into 2nd chain from hook. Crochet back to start (3sc) chain 2 turn and sc into each stitch to other end (3sc) Finish and leave another tail at least 2′ long.


EYE CIRCLE 4 chain and join into loop. 3 chain and 13 treble into circle. Join into 3rd st of the 3 chain. End with long thread to sew to face later.


Start using colour 2 Use starter ring *inc all* (x6)(12st) *inc all* (x12)(24st) Sc 3 rounds in colour 2 and then add colour1 Sc another 2 rounds using alternating stripes of colours 1 and 2 *4sc, dec* (x4)(20st) Sc 3 rounds *3sc.

Dec* (x4)(16st) Start stuffing feet. Make sure feet are stuffed firmly. Sc 4 rounds *2sc, dec* (x4)(12st) Sc 4 rounds in pattern. End colour 2. Sc another 2 rounds in colour 1 Finish and end with short tail.

Hide ends inside legs. Leave the last inch of the leg unstuffed

JOINING LEGS AND CONTINUING BODY Take gusset rectangle and pin between legs. Make sure legs both face the same way. Stitch in place down each long side of the rectangle.

Joinging Legs

Joining Legs  - 2

Legs tO Body


Now take your crochet hook and main body colour. Join yarn at the back middle. Sc around the legs and across the gusset- 24st.

If you don’t have the same number don’t worry just keep following the pattern.

*3sc, inc* (x6)(30st) *2sc, inc* (x10(40st) Sc 5 rounds *8sc, dec* (x4)(36st)

Sc 5 rounds

Monster Man 4

Do not end wool but loosen and put face on. Take eye circle and poke safety eye through middle and then poke the safety eye through the body before fixing on the back. Fix on other safety eye and sew a straight line for the mouth.

Eye to head

Now stuff his body a little. Continue in the pattern *4sc, dec* (x6)(30st) *4sc, dec* (x6)(25st) *3sc, dec* (x5)(20st) Dec all till closed. Finish and hide ends inside body FINISHING Pin arms onto the body sides.

Ladder stitch in place when happy

Ladder Stitch

Ladder Stitch and pin

Pin horns on top of head and sew in place. All done!

Monster Bubble Leg Done


Main image contributed by reader Shana and version below by babysminky



  1. Can the pattern be written in standard version. It too much to follow…

  2. Hi there I was wondering were you got the keys from?

  3. Mimi Daniel says

    The pattern is written in a very confusing and time-consuming way. Is there anyway to get it written normally? I love this little guy and have been crocheting for YEARS. However, I am busy and cannot spend the time needed on this one pattern. I REALLY love this little guy so I will do my own some day if I cannot find a clear pattern. *sad face*

  4. Sarah Brown says

    Your pattern is a little hard to read. It took me a while to figure it out, but I think I have it now. Can’t wait to make a bunch of these for my nephews and son for Christmas. They are going to love them.

  5. hi

  6. What size hook are you using for this lil guy?

  7. I made this pattern for my younger cousin and he just LOVES it. i just had to make one for me too. haha and i also am only 13.

  8. thx for the pattern it came out great!!!!


  9. You should make the instructions more clear. Plus, I think you should do a magic circle instead of a starting circle because I didn’t really get it. Other than that this is sooooo AWESOME!!!!! I’m making an attempt to do this. BTW i’m only 13.

  10. I LOVE this super amigurimi!!!! Mine’s almost done… i added some “hair” and had to stiripe more to use up my scraps…. thanks you so much…bj

  11. These are totally awesome! These are by far the easiest monsters to make, and every person of all ages favorite! To make safe for little ones just crochet a set of eyes and sew them on, or cut out felt eyes and sew them on, the goofier the eyes the better.

    I made these for my Church fundraisers, local hospital, even the local
    library wanted them. I’m glad they can be made with cheap yarn ;-}

    Thank you VERY much for this pattern.

  12. The directions are very unclear. I wish there was something to show how many stiches are in one row, Need to make directions better. Other than that in the pictures they look cute. 😀

  13. I’m going to make this for a friend’s new baby and add rattles in the legs, maybe the arms too : ) super cute!!!

  14. So cute and im gonna try and make one as soon as i have finished my current project!

  15. I love this so much I have made like 10 of them because i made one for myself and everyone had to have on…. THANK YOU

  16. What a stylish guy! One of the best amigurumi designs you see around!!!! And the leg joining technique is great, it makes everything look right in that delicate area :-).
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  17. Cute, good instructions but, where on earth is the pattern for the legs!?!?!?!

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  19. He is so cute!!

  20. omg! im teaching a friend to crochet so when she gets better at crocheting i have GOT to teach her.


  22. vanishing2pink says

    This looks like a really great project. I was wondering what size hook you use for it?

  23. This is awesome! I just finished making mine today, and it turned out really well (though not as neat as yours since I definitely need to practice more). Your instructions were great too! He is so cute and cuddly, thank you so much! 🙂

  24. that is so cute and it look so cuddelly

  25. that is so cute

  26. oh my! soooo cute! Im a beginner at crochet so Im not going to take this on quite yet.. but I am thrilled to have this for later! thank-you!!!

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  28. This is soo cute and seems really easy. I’m gonna try it!

  29. its very cute

  30. It is wicked. It is so cute and it looks so cuddly. It is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I love how you have done so well in capturing the monster and the things a small child would imagine!! WELL DONE!!!!

  32. crochet better!!

  33. I really like this amigurumi monster! It was fun to make and looks really cool! Thanks for the pattern.

  34. I wish I could crochet

  35. instruction for making & assembling were very good. Only problem I have is when you print out the instructions-the printing is too small for easy reading.

  36. i love this little thing it looks so cute and cuddelly! ty for posting

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