How to make a Fairy garden in a teacup

How to make a Fairy garden in a teacup

I've started indoor gardening and I must say, it's really addictive! But what's fun in putting all the plants in plain pots? So I decided to make a teacup garden. Check it out!

What you need

To make this cup garden you’ll need:

Old cup and saucer
Small rocks and mixed soil
Cactus and succulents
Wall moss and plants
Wooden crafts sticks or twigs
Craft glue or hot glue gun
X-acto knife and cutting pliers
Ruler and pencil
Mosaic stones


pot (1)

You can use any kind of pot you want but lets try something different.

I’m using an old cup and saucer for my mini garden. You drill a hole at the bottom of the cup for drainage or use another technique, check out the next step to find out.

The size of the cup would depend on the number and size of the plats and accessories you’ll be using. The one I used wasn’t too big nor too small, worked out perfect!


Gather some small rocks and mixed soil, do not use sand,

Fill the bottom of the cup with the small rocks. Fill one third of the cup with rocks.

Now fill the rest of the cup with the mixed soil. Keep the soil level a cm below the edge of the cup.

Keep the pot aside and lets create the accessories.


I’m using wooden craft sticks to make a mini bench, ladder and fence. While you’re making the accessories keep in mind that the sizes of the accessories should be proportionate to the cup size and plants.

Use cutting pliers or x-acto knife to cut the sticks.

You can make so many tiny things with these sticks. You may also try making a swing, stool, table, cabin, mail box, birds house and much more.


Collecting the plants for this garden is really easy. Collect or buy small cactus and succulent plants. These plants require very low water and nurture. If you plants small cactus and succulent plants it’ll take years for them to grow.

Besides you can also use wall moss, ferns and other plants, they also require less water and nurture.

planting (2)

Planting these plants are super easy because they don’t have huge roots so you don’t have to worry messing the top soil.

Use a small stick or your finger to make a hole on the soil, place 2 cm of the plant in the hole from the bottom, fill the rest of the hole with soil. Plant the other cactus and succulents similarly. Try keeping small gaps between each plant and also keep at least a cm of gap between the plants and the cup’s edge.

decorating (1)

decorating (2)

Lucky me, I found a piece of small flat concrete, just the perfect size and shape. I placed it beside the plants so that I can put the bench on it. You’ll need to glue the bench on that concrete piece.

Placed some wall moss beside the concrete piece and filled the rest of the soil top with small flat mosaic stones. Also placed the small snail shells near the plants.

Decorate the cup garden as you want but make sure to keep space for the plants to grow.

Happy crafting!


  1. Marcia Bowers says

    really cute idea. I love teacups and this is such a great way to use some of my yard sale finds.

  2. Christine Supplee says

    What a great idea and you can do anything you want with it.

  3. I love old tea cups and this is a special way to use them.

  4. Cecilia D says

    Sooo cute! I’ll try to make one for my table in Vthe office

  5. Carrie King says

    I love it. Too cute.

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