Wedding Favour Candles

Candle Making ---- candle-making

What you need

Pillar candle
White lace
Photo copy of the happy couples
4 Tbs Candle wax
Paint brush


This project is an ideal wedding favour it is easy to make and looks stunning.

You will need a photo copy of a picture of the happy couple. You can cut down on costs by photo copying in black and white, but color copies are also very nice.

If you have imaging software and a scanner you can also scan and print these images. You could tint the images with a hue of pink or red, to match your table settings.

Let’s begin:

Start by : Trimming your image of the couple into a nice oval shape.
Melt some wax in a small pan. You will only need a table spoon or less of wax for each candle. Once your wax is melted using a paint brush and working quickly, press the image flat against the candle. Start by brushing the wax around the edges of the image, this will seal the image to the candle and make it secure.

Once your image is stuck to the candle you can start decorating it using a nice lace. Run the lace around the bottom of the candle and secure with small metal pins or with hot wax.

Don’t add decoration to the flame end of the candle as this will cause it to flare when and if it is burnt.
Use bead trimmings and rosettes for extra decoration.

These are a great projects for wedding showers, it helps you with the workload and gets everyone working together for your special day.

Candles should always be supervised when burning to prevent burning down the wedding hall or worse your craft room.


  1. Wow, they should put a pic of it up! I’m interested, but would love to be able to see what it looks like before I make it!

  2. DisneyDancer1986 says

    You would think it might catch on fire, but as long as it’s on the outer edge of the candle, it should be fine.

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