Survival Kit – Friendship

Survival Kit – Friendship

Purchase a small gift bag and fill with these items along with a label explaining each token. Make this creative gift for a friend.

What you need

See List Below


Friendship Survival Kit

Toothpick – Pick out the good qualities in everyone, including yourself.

Band-Aid – To heal hurt feelings.

Gum – A reminder that friends stick together

Life Savers – A reminder that sometimes our friends need our help.

Cotton Ball – To cushion the bumpy roads ahead.

Eraser – To remind you always start each day with a clean slate.

Happy Face – Smiling is contagious.

Candle – Remember to share the light with others.

Sticky Tape – To tape your lips when you have nothing good to say.

Rock – To remind you of the stability of your friendship.

Rubber Band – So you can be flexible when dealing with friends.

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  1. Albertina Marin says

    I love every bit of it.

  2. That is such a sweet idea! : )

  3. it is so cute and will help my daughter at her sleep over! 🙂

  4. Its a type of candy!!

  5. I gave this to my friend and she loved it then I came back and did it again for my other friend. I know she will like it, too.

  6. a band aid is a bandage that helps stop bleeding and a life saver is a candy with a hole in the middle but i love this!

  7. I gave this to my friend and she loved it! I also gave her another version of this. Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic idea. We have been a lot closer since I gave it to her. She can’t stop talking about it and thanks me every day for it, when she should be thanking you. This is so cool! Got to go, I have to make 10 more for my other friends. XD

  8. This is a really cute idea

  9. whats a life saver????????????

  10. I can’t wait until I give this to my best friend.

  11. This is really cool….

  12. this is an amazing idea, so sweet!! when i gave it to my friend she gave me the biggest hug ever.

  13. lol this website is awesome i gave my bezzie this survival kit last year and she loved it we laughed for about 6 hours xxxxxxx

  14. love this!!!!

  15. love it!:)

  16. ♥♥♥ I love this!! ♥♥♥

  17. This project is adorable!!! I cried 🙂 I love this!!! <3

  18. that is so cute and such a good idea

  19. You have a lot of the same things in each sirvival kit bring new items into this otherwise It is fantastic I put down my mom yesterday and I am making it up with items from all the survival. KitsO

  20. Such a lovely idea. Going to offer to my French friends.

  21. Thank You Soooooooooooooo Much!!!
    This is awesome……
    Best idea ever!!!

  22. This is really fun, cheap and easy to do..also check out the other survival kits

  23. I think this is a GREAT idea! Can’t wait to give one to my best friend!

  24. this is the cutest thing my niece will love it!

  25. this is a cool idea. going to have to do it sometime.

  26. If you looking for a present to give to close friend this is perfect, although it is simple it is always much appreciated.

  27. Really good idea but i don’t like the eraser idea because if you lose a friends trust its really hard to gat it back-1 out of 5 times can be replaced

  28. These are great thoughtful gifts . Inexpensive but not ‘cheesy’ .

  29. nice gift idea to a friend who will be out of the country…!

  30. very sweet gotta make it for a very special friend 🙂

  31. I think this is a great idea I am making several to hand out to guest at our church on our Family and friends Day program

  32. marcrafty says

    Really cute!! Thank you for the idea 🙂

  33. Totally Awesome

  34. this is nice but some of the things on the list confuse me. what are a band aid and life saver???? i live in the uk so have no idea!!!

  35. love it so cute….will share w my friends…


  37. its a gr8 idea…thx 2 d one who suggested and came up wid dis one!!!awesome:)superlike

  38. grace schaefer says

    my freind and i can not wait to try it out!!!!!!

  39. This is really cute!!! Thanks for the great idea

  40. its cool but shouldn’t we explain the meaning of these things to our friends so that they could understand?

  41. I did this one Christmas for people in the office I wanted to recognize, but not start a tradition of exchanging gifts. Everyone loved it. Nobody thought it was cheesy.

  42. This is suuuuuper cute 🙂

  43. This gift is very creative. In our economy this is very helpful for Christmas. You can buy this stuff for like 10 bucks at the dollar store and make 20 bags!!! Thank you for this gift idea!!!:)

  44. this ia a great project to give to a freind when going through tough times! 🙂

  45. Sooooo great that is such a good survival kit of reminders.

  46. so cool love it

  47. Aww! How cute! I think this is a wonderful projects for best friends. I can’t wait to do it!

  48. I think that this would mean alot to my friends, but i think that it could also be something that people think is rubbish, but i think its real sweet xxx


  50. ew some of these items are realllyyyy cheesy

  51. Loved this idea and will adapt it for use with a group of women experiencing low confidence and self-esteem.

  52. i havent try these yet but it looks like all my friends with LOVE IT and im 11

  53. QuietlyRiot says

    What a sweet idea! Just reading through the list of ‘ingredients’ brought fantastic memories of great friends. I’m anxious to start a series of these with my daughter for her friends, too. Call it “friend cement” if you will… <3 Great crafting, y'all!

  54. I think this is really cute. The few that thought it to be “cheesy” or “stupid” may need to find out what REAL “Friendship” is.

  55. monkeycrafter says


  56. “LIKE”

  57. Myself and one of my best friends were born ten days apart in June. I can’t wait to give her this! =0)

  58. i should of thought of that I LIKE THAT

  59. Love it! Gorgeous….

  60. says

    This is awesome!

  61. hellybell says

    This is beautiful and so true. Thank you!

  62. AuntieKim says

    OMG…I love this…can’t wait to give it away:))

  63. very corny…my friends would just laugh

  64. Me and my best friend made each other ‘mystery kits’ last christmas because we wanted to be all cool and mysterious, so they contained

    black dress
    bath stuff
    20 B&H cigarettes
    and some dark sunglasses 🙂

    but this idea is kinda cute

  65. watergoddess1998 says

    I love this!!! I am going to make this for my friends to remind them how much they mean to me as friends! Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for this idea! I love it!!!

  66. so cool!

  67. Nice work!

  68. soooooooooooooo precious

  69. Absolutely heartwarming and easy items to obtain.

  70. I am going to make this for my boyfriend… ha ha… he’s my best friend.. but i have no job so this would be a nice little something for him to have.. this is so cute.. 😀

  71. what a wonderful idea, thanks! 🙂

  72. I luv this project because I forgot tomorrow is the last day I’ll see my friend before I go to Kentucky for Christmas

  73. absolutly the gift I was needing to give to my sunday school class. Thanks!

  74. Great project Perfect!!!!


  76. I luv it!cool!

  77. I am looking forward to making this! I no my friends will be speechless 🙂 I cant wait to make the bags , I already see myself

  78. Imade one and gave it to a friend and now I have a order for 50.

  79. Lil' Miss Craftyness says

    Cool! great idea

  80. My BFF loved this gift. I plan on giving it as a gift several more times!!

  81. Luv it!!! I needed a new idea for my BFFs b-day. She’s so simple and corny she’ll luv it :~) <3 <3

  82. Such a cute idea a bit corny but its Kool 🙂

  83. I needed a good homeade gift idea for a friend of mine. I found it! Thank you!

  84. i love this craft i def will make

  85. Great idea to send to my friends interstate

  86. This is really sweet. I’m using it for all of my friend for christmas!!!

    LOVE IT!

  87. Aww! Cute. Hope to make it soon.

  88. aw thats sweet . but stupid

  89. I sooo love this! I’m going to make one! So simple but very meaningful.

  90. wonderful

  91. i want to try to make this 🙂

  92. i think its cute but my room is overflowing with stuff lik this 🙁 i would love to give one but know in my head that the person i gave it to would be like “Oh no! Not more useless stuff!” or maybe thats just how i think…..

  93. aw, that’s sweet =)

  94. Aw… So cute! 😀 I’m gonna make this and probably add some other stuff to it.
    Maybe a little water bottle so it’ll rinse out the bad words ur gonna say to ur friend. ok i know that was pretty dumb….

  95. i dont really get it

  96. sorry but I just dont get this one…
    People will probly go on at me now
    I’m sure you guys think its great!
    But I just dont see whats so speciel…

  97. That’s so cuuute! I am so making one! It’ s very simple, but very special.

  98. pink_monkey says

    This is so cute, I am gonna giver one to my friends at the end of my final school year.

  99. OH MAH MAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If some one gave this to me i think i might cry a little!
    Friendship is very important to me! (along with music)

  100. aww that is so cute i think i am going to make that and give it to my best friend

  101. I made this as a side gift for a friend and she loved it!!

  102. I don’t get the point of doing what it says!


  104. using this as a birthday gift for my best friend.

  105. this is a really cool craft and a good idea

  106. this is awsome

  107. my friend and I sell these at the local craft fair! They’re a big hit!

  108. Great for someone who dislikes you!
    (If they say its retarded just smile and walk away.)

  109. Im using this craft for graduation gifts for my friends tommorow!!!

  110. This is great!

  111. this is a pretty good idea-for someone who has friends

  112. this craft got me and my friend back together

  113. I think it is best idea that our best friends will come to know our feelings that how important the friends are to each other and it is cute too i am going now to make it 🙂

  114. I really love this craft! It was really easy so i was able to actually MAKE it. The ideas were really creative too!

  115. Priceless!

  116. looked like fun so im going to try it with my friend when she stays the night tomorrow!

  117. QUOTE- “if i gave it to my friend she’d probably call me retarded and roll her eyes”

    That would be kind of mean of your friend. If that’s your idea of friendship, you two kind of need one of these.

  118. I think it’s cute and a good idea. It will make someone smile.

  119. this is very cute.

  120. It was cool

  121. awwww that is soo cute!! <3

  122. What a great idea. I go away with a group of friends and wanted to make something for each of them, since this will be our 20th year doing this! We have practiced doing just this, the items are just soooo appropriate.

  123. hello!may i know what item is life savers? pls tell me thank you

  124. I am moving and this will be a great way for me and my friend to remember each other by.

  125. my grandmother used to make a variation of this for me when i was little

  126. I Think that this would be a good vraft for like teenage friends they can do it to gether then do somthing with it after to hide it till they need it(:

  127. I did this with all the girls in my family. We also each wrote 1 thing we loved about each person. We gave that to each person and everyone had nice things about them in their jars. We used old jars and decorated them with crepe paper, ribbons and such

  128. that si a great idea, im just about to get off the p.c to go and make ont!!!!! thanks for the idea

  129. lassie_cassie says

    I think this idea is great!!! Its easy and cute!!! =)

  130. This is such a cute idea! I want to make one for my freind. Thanks for the idea.

  131. it is okay

  132. saleisha says

    If only there was a point… if you were sad a bandage woudn’t help!

  133. great= will make serveral

  134. A lovely starting point for a friendship gift – easy to add to and personalise.

  135. i think this was sooo cool and that i will make one for all of my friends

  136. Awsome!

  137. Awesome!!!

  138. good

  139. I luv it!!! Please come up with more good ideas like this!!!!!!

  140. Yes. This is sooo mushy! (what if you had a friend whos a emo….)

  141. i think it is kinda cute……

  142. I really like this idea no skills required

  143. its nice FOR A MOM

  144. I dont like the sticky tape or tooth pick idea cuz with the sticky tape its sort of saying that your friend hardley has anything good to say and the toothpick can be offensive aswell. all the stuff in there is just everyday stuff.

  145. i think i will make one for each of my friends. but i do not like the stuff to put inside that much =P

  146. I just love the whole site! I was looking for a tea cosy pattern (I’m British!) and I’ve been on here an hour getting ideas for next Christmas. Have bookmarked site

  147. Great idea!

  148. totally cool. might give to friend

  149. there needs to be more items!!!

  150. honestly if you were upset if you had gotten this or your friend would call you a retard etc then neither of you are worthy of it..this is such an awesome idea…i’m doing this..and i know my friend would cry real people appreciate this type of thing

  151. Oh My me and my best friends are together so much we call each other sister. So when I found thi9s is just had to make it for her!

  152. luv it

  153. This is a stupid idea.Wonder where it came from…It would be better if someone replace the items with something nice.I won’t like it if my friend bought it for me too.It’s really stupid to sent junk to your friend.

  154. that is so cool im making one for my friend right now

  155. so cute yet so original..i’m going 2 give one 2 my bff this christmas

  156. too corny

  157. cool!

  158. it was a little different but cute!

  159. I love it.

  160. Love this one

  161. I have been loking EVERYWHERE for an activity for a guide camp. I think I just found it!!!

  162. sooo awesome but i dont really think my friend is into these types of gifts. She would probably call me a retard

  163. made it for my best friends birthday

  164. I love this, what a great idea to put a smile on someones face. Love it!

  165. Great activity! We did this for a women’s night activity to pass out to our friends and everyone thought it was great!

  166. Cute Idea!

  167. I thought it was very cute for the people in your life that have everything

  168. Love it 🙂

  169. i love that!!

  170. I love this idea, I may do this with my Brownie unit

  171. excellent idea. something I will definetly do (sorry for the spelling mistakes, I’m French)

  172. awesome. No, beyond awesome.


  174. I really like it!

  175. dude that is so cool!!

  176. im not really agreeing wih the guest that said its kinda sappy!
    Its the thought that counts not the gift.Okayy!

  177. Omg.
    this would work great as like a christmas gift!!! =]

  178. Instead of using just a bag, I used a Canning Jar, and decorated it with her name.

  179. It’s a nice thought but I don’t really understand why you would want to give your friend a toothpick. Also it might be a litte rude, I mean if you already have a good friend ship going it might seem like it is not good enough. It just sounds kinda sappy.

  180. lillianangle says

    this is a very meaningful craft i will defenintly be doing it sometime

  181. i love this idea and i am making one for me and all of my friends to share and it will be kept at school will us forever and everyone will put in a picture of themselves

  182. this was excellent, i cant wait 2 make them 4 my friends! this is so great!!!

  183. so sweet!yet suttle

  184. I was reading down through the ratings and several of you said that you wished you could make some thing to put in the kit. Some things you could do are make a paper smiley face or make the candle or put something in it you know your friend likes.

  185. I will use it in my Family and Consumer Sciences class, just to know what friendship is.
    Marta from Puerto Rico.

  186. i love it

  187. so sweet…

  188. like awesome:)


  189. i like the idea! it could make an awesome birthday gift!

  190. OMG!!! that is such a good idea!!! im gonna make a survival kit for my friends and teachers!!! EXCELLENT!!!

  191. kinda cheesy… if i gave it to my friend she’d probably call me retarded and roll her eyes, but i do like it

  192. great tip

  193. its a great idea

  194. boring

  195. I think this is a great progect. I will make two to give to my friend, and for myself. Nice thinking!

  196. I’ve seen a similar friendship kit that also included a hershey kiss and hershey hug

  197. Cute!

  198. My best friend is moving and we can only communicate via email and over the phone. Lately we have been getting very emotional and this will be deep and lighthearted at the same time. I is perfect!

  199. I love the idea
    so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. i love it so much

  201. i really like this idea, i am making one for me and my friend. awsome idea

  202. if you dont have nothing nice to say dont say it at all!!!!!!!This site is amazing and me and my friend have rough patches and this willfix it all up!This site is fabulous and my favorite.

  203. Seriously? (-_-)zzz

  204. So much fun

  205. what a lovely way to show people we care

  206. id rather eat it the candy and shoot the rubber band at my brother

  207. thats a good idea.. but if you could make something to put in it, that would make it better

  208. My Girl Guides had A blast making these!

  209. That’s such a great idea! I love it!

  210. Great ! But would be better if there was somthing you could make to put in the bag. Still a great idea.

  211. loveit

  212. i love this, very nice little gift idea..

  213. oh my gosh this site is awesome this was just wha i was looking for (only 11) me & my friend allways have little fitsknow i have a makeup gift.

  214. I love this craft! I think it is so cute and a great way to show your friendship.

  215. it would be nice to see more of a variety of kits for all sorts of occasions. can you make some more survival kits?

  216. we did this with 10 year olds….it was great! by 10 you have been up and down with friends….it really made a bond that day with some of the girls that didn’t feel as close to some of the others!i wouldn’t reccomend this project for under 9!

  217. Loved it!

  218. So Cute!

  219. I thin its cool will make one for my friend!!!!!

  220. i love it i think it is such a good idea not just for friend but for sisters too!

  221. This was the best craft when you are bored or even to cheer a friend up

  222. Would this be a nice idea for 13-15 year olds??

  223. my daughter and her friends loved this it was great and easy

  224. I like this one, I’ve seen it at craft shows and I think it is a cute little gift.

  225. I am 24 year sister of 5 little sisters and i can’t wait to tell them about this wonderful idea! and yes i will be useing it also. Thanks!

  226. This craft is sooo cute! I’m going to use it for my BFFL. I LoVe this site! Keep up the great work!

  227. i think this is a great craft idea for any holiday it is so cute and great~!!

  228. cute! i love the reasons i would love to do this again!

  229. I teach a dance class to many little girls in the neighboorhood ranging from 3 to 11 years old. I have made it a little different this year and i will be doing a craft class. I will surely use this idea becuase i think that friendship is very important!

  230. I am 11 and think this is a great idea. My friend I have this really good friendship, but this is the kind of thing I would make with here during a sleepover!!!!

  231. This is such a great friendship gift. My best friend loves gifts from the heart. I will be giving her this as a stocking stuffer this year. Thank you for the wonderful idea!! Amy-Tx

  232. I really love this craft! Thanks for the great idea!

  233. G8 very cute

  234. How sweet. This is simply adorable

  235. I love it. It’s a great Idea!!! I’ve used it as soon as I read it!!

  236. Love this idea!

  237. It is really hard for me to think of gifts to give to my friends during the holidays and birthdays (Im only 13) so this is a great idea and is soo easy 2 do. will use 4 sure most definetly!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I absolutely adore this site!!!!

  238. what a wonderful gift!

  239. This is affordable and adorable.

  240. this is a very sweet and personel gift!I love it!

  241. You might also want to try putting memory photos in there to remember the good times when times are bad

  242. I can’t wait to make this kit for my friends!!!!!!

  243. should i put a key like to tell what the things represent

  244. What are you people whining about! They’ve already put a picture up!

  245. Ithought it was very cute!

  246. Very cute idea. We’ve used these as giveaways at county fairs and homecomings

  247. this is a great gift to make for friends to say srry or if there fighting!!!!

  248. If ther was a higher rating i could giv it i would!!!! LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. fabulous

  250. I can’t afford to buy all of my friends something for Christmas, so I will definitely use this craft, they’re gonna love it-Thanks!!!!!

  251. Very Witty, great idea!!!!

  252. this is what makes friends think of what friendship is truly made of

  253. its really sweet, my friend gave me a friendship bag like that 4 christmas, it was really nice, ecxept it had a teddy bear 2 hug 2 remind urself that sum1 cares about u. it was so nice.

  254. i thought this was very cute

  255. I’ll be presenting a “KIT” to the members of our group at the A.G.M with appreciation and love.

  256. I like it – a good present.

  257. that is such a cute and great idea! sometimes its hard to come up with gifts for my family ( im only 14) so its really great when i can make them stuff instead of buying!… thank you SSSOOOOO much!!!!


    I LoVE ThIs SiTe!!!

  258. My daughter and I have really enjoyed looking at this site for craft and crochet ideas. Sometimes we just need to see some things others do and it seems to refresh our brains and ideas, but it is harder to do for the boys.

  259. fanta[stick]ly cute 🙂

  260. I love this idea and will use it for sure…Thanks so much!!!!!

  261. We’ve used these for staff appreciation too.

  262. its seems like you are making a comment to your friend that she is doing something wrong.

  263. Hey now take it from the list and use the Zip: To zip your lips when you have nothing good to say. Great idea to remind people what is really important in life.

  264. why do u need a picture dude? put the things in a bag, dont u know what a toothpick would look like ?

  265. This has already been posted as the Guardian Angel Kit.

  266. great idea

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