Star Champagne Glasses

Star Champagne Glasses

This project gives you the chance to use whatever brands are available to you in glass paints. So purchase any glass paints suitable for glassware and proceed with this project.

What you need

Gold glass Paints.
2 Champagne glasses (clear glass)
Fine Paint brush


These glasses make great wedding gifts or wedding favors.

Start by preparing your glassware following the instrcutions on your glass paint’s instructions. (eg. cleaning glass).

Tip a small amount of gold glass paint out onto a palette. Using the very tip of your brush paint Astrix * type stars over the outside of your glass. If you are more creative then your imagination is your only limitation. Sometimes simple designs are the most effective.

Keep the * Astric shapes spaced around 1/2 inch apart at least to avoid overcrowding of the design and just freehand paint the stars over the glass.

Once finished follow the instructions on your glass paints for securing the paint to the surface (eg . baking or drying ).


  1. I like this idea but, if you are not great at freehand painting try tapeing a design to the endside of glass, to make it easy to paint either flowers, of even use the end of the paint
    brush for dots.

    Happy Painting,
    Deco painter of 40 years

  2. I love this idea! I’m definitely going to use it for my wedding. It’d be so cute with a circle of tulle filled with buttermints and tied with a ribbon inside!

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