Save Big Money by Colorizing Your Own Mesh

Save Big Money by Colorizing Your Own Mesh

Make your own colored mesh by following these simple step by step directions.

What you need

According to the Scrapbook Preservation Society ( “Paints don’t contain acid but can contain lead. Use only lead-free paint. Paint that is dry poses no problem to anything on the page. Water soluble paint


I started by taping some old newspapers to a table which was set up in the yard. I then rolled out three six foot sections of mesh, one right next to the other.

roll out mesh

Using a sweeping, side to side motion, I sprayed each piece of mesh, being sure to get even coverage.

spray mesh

Let the mesh sit on the table for a few minutes until it is dry to the touch.

dry mesh

You can leave it on the table to allow the paint smell to air out awhile if you wish. I hung my on the clothesline since I wanted the table space to work with more colors.

air mesh

You will receive QUANTITY by making your own mesh, but not necessarily the same QUALITY. The brand name Magic Mesh is a much higher and consistent quality. I noticed that some of my yellow paint was flaking off my mesh when I used it. Perhaps I sprayed that color on too thickly? I made six colors on this day, and had problems only with the yellow.

rolls of mesh

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