Quick Kids Dreamcatcher

Quick Kids Dreamcatcher

This tutorial shows you how to make a colorful kids dreamcatcher.

What you need

Round base for the dreamcatcher


Leftover yarn strands – different colors


Adhesive glue

Colored craft feathers

Colored Styrofoam balls



Step (1)

Take the round base and wrap it with yarn. Cover the entire base with the yarn. After wrapping the whole the base tie 2 tight knots with the remaining yarn with the starting end of the yarn. Cut off extra yarn if required.

Step (2)

Take 1 or 2 different colored yarn strands and wrap them randomly inside the base t create random web pattern for the dreamcatcher.

Step (3)

Once you’re done creating the random web pattern inside the base tie knots with the yarns and cut off extra if required. Take different colored leftover yarn strands and attach them with the base. Keep all the yarn strands adjacent to each other and stop attaching more strands once it reaches one fourth of the whole base.


Step (4)

Glue the Styrofoam balls on the web pattern inside the base. Simply glue and place the Styrofoam balls on the overlapped parts of the yarn inside the base.


Step (5)

Attach the colored craft feathers and pompoms at the open ends of the attached yarn strands on the base from step 3.

You can add more details and decor items to the dreamcatcher if you want to.


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