Pregnant Belly Casting

Pregnant Belly Casting

This project is a great way to capture the special occasion. There are numerous kits on the market but we have the made the instructions available for you here for free.

What you need

Vaseline or Petroleum jelly
Rubber Gloves
Large flat try
Paper towel
3-4 rolls Plaster Bandages
Someone to help.


For the plaster you use medical plaster bandages, those used to fix broken arms and legs. You can buy these bandages from medical supply stores and also from various websites such as

To begin, prepare your area with a plastic sheet or newspaper to make clean up easier. You will need 2 people for this project.

You will need a large flat tray filled with warm water. This is what you will soak the bandages in before applying them to the body. Cut the bandages into smaller strips to make it easier to handle.

Begin by coating the area you wish to cast in a thick layer of Vaseline  This prevents the plaster sticking to the belly. Place the pregnant person either standing or sitting on the edge of a chair with the weight of the belly hanging over to give it a rounded look.

Take the plaster bandages and soak them in the water until they are wet. Then lay them across the body. Keep doing this in different directions until the belly is coated. You will need to work quickly as it Set’s fast. Smooth out any creases in the bandages straight away or you will have a bumpy belly later.

Create a belly button by pushing a indentation into the belly as you go. If you are casting the breasts or hands as well make smaller bandage strips to work into the areas.
Remember to place Vaseline where ever you wish to cast.

Once you have laid on the last piece sit for around 10 extra minutes or until it feels dry on top and slip the mold off.

Allow it to dry completely. You can smooth the edges with some sandpaper.

Finish off with a decorative paint design or leave it white and natural.


  1. I get why people are so angry about that person saying it was gross, but honestly it is kind of weird, in my opinion. I mean, it’s just a huge bulge. Where would you even put it? On the wall, I could see it getting in the way a lot. Anywhere else it could get ruined. Just have pictures and get some nice frames, they’re easier to handle and if they start to get old or would want to redecorate without them, you can make up a scrapbook or an album.
    This just seems like a lot of trouble.

  2. Great way to cherish the moment you can’t get back at my age!!! 🙂 My daughter is going to do this when she starts her family!!!

  3. I looked all over for an inexpensive kit, they are all $25-57+s&h. I called city drug, they have plaster bandages for $8.00:) My friends will paint the cast at my party. Oh, to the person who says gross- you too came out of your mother- appreciate that.

  4. awwww this is so lovely! It must be so great to hav this as a keepsake!
    Wish my mum had dun this with me!!!!

  5. this are great instructions? whose the idiot thinking this is gross? I’m so tired of people viewing pregnancy as something obscene if a woman shows their belly or even if she decides to breastfeed

  6. Children do not understand the importance of something like this, you can cast just the belly w/ the hands so that later you can still “see” that special time/moment

  7. wish I’d made one when I had the opportunities!

  8. This is a beautiful project to do with loved ones or your partner. Only a mother can tell you how special this is.

  9. Those that believe this is gross must not have any kids yet. You’ll understand one day.

    No need to cast the breast, just the belly. Do this a month before delivery and on delivery day, have visitors sign the cast w/ their wishes. Hang in baby’s room.

  10. You can do this while wearing a bra or bikini top if you’re modest; or only cast the belly area if you like.
    Great instructions!

  11. ya,why would anyone want that,to show off their breasts?!

  12. Yes When I finally get pregnant This is something I will cherish!

  13. I have no idea why the previous review said this is gross? Odd. Anyway, this is becoming a common and favorite thing for expectant moms to do, and a great way to remember that phase of your life later on!

  14. This is so gross.. Why would anyone want to have this around the house…..

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