Mary Jane Felt Slippers

Mary Jane Felt Slippers

Easy to make, fun to wear, these Mary Jane Slippers are always going to be here!

What you need

puffy paint for soles
red felt for button


1.) I made the soles by just tracing around my foot.

Mary Jane Slippers Pattern

2.) Sew the “heel” onto the outersole.

3.) The top I made by pretty much cutting a whole sheet of felt into that shape and then trimming the back from there.

4.) Sew the backs of the top.

5.) Sew the top onto the soles.

6.) Sew the top strap on.

7.) Make a “button” (real or otherwise) of your choice.

8.) As for the bottoms, I used glitter glue, but others have recommended puffy paint. I think this may be a better choice.

There’s two things I would recommend doing (that I didn’t think of until after). On the first outside layer of the soles, I would just sew across the straight part of the “heel” -and then the curved part will get sewn when you sew on the top. Also I would leave a hole so that you can stuff something soft into the two layers (like pillow stuffing).

This project was contributed by madamebutterfly


  1. Great idea and I have the super thick felt in my stash. I spent a fortune for it and never used it. Keep those thinking caps on

  2. Great idea! I’m modifying by using only felt for the bottom and puff paint to paint a cute design. For the top I used extra felt for weight and covered it with fabrics of my choice. Then I used a decorative piece of ribbon for the strap and cute buttons for the sides. All together probably spent $12 on supplies and have enough to make about 10 pairs!

  3. I can’t wait to make these. Maybe I’ll make some for my friedns presents. thanks so much. Luv Oscar xx

  4. These are sooo cute! Just felted 3 – 97 cent sweaters from the thrift store and am going to make a pair today! I think I’ll use the stuff at the big box hardware stores that they use to coat tool handles… it’s rubbery and sticks to everything. That way I can run the ‘sole’ up around the sides a bit and keep them tough for outside and a bit more waterproof…

  5. this is such a cute idea!!!! i love them but im just a little bit confused, what did you do around the back of the foot?? are they supposed to be like ballet flats?? thanks soo much!!!

  6. Love it! xx

  7. I like to felt old wool or cashmere sweaters and use the fabric for mittens, tea cosies, and like that. That might work nicely for these. If you don’t have the old sweaters you can buy some cheaply at thrift stores and church sales much cheaper than fabric. (And this fabric is VERY sturdy and warm!)

  8. Too cute! Thanks for the idea! I’m going to adjust the design and make some for my hubby! Hard to find slippers for someone with a size 15 foot!

  9. i would like to purchase some marino wool (more than 1-3 kg), can anyone recommend a shop or farm or website that sell a variety of wool at a good price

  10. My last comment is that every boring person that made a negative comment is just that BORING. You can wear these anywhere unless its wet outside. Be creative people!

  11. Also those who say felt is not a strog enough fabric are bonkers. If you use WOOL felt and do the actual felting process felt is a strong soft brilliant fabric. she isn’t talking about using the 35 cent cheap felt squares.

  12. I love this! I have a few suggestions I hope thats ok. I suggest using quilt batting between the bottom and the lining layer it and cut 2 or more layers depending on the thickness of the batting. You can cut it when your cutting the bottom shoe pattern.

  13. So when you sew the top part to the soles, do you curve it and sew to make it line the entire shoe? or do you have to sew a back part to the shoe as well?

  14. lemonpudding says

    Dar honeybun

    What iz the point uv bing crafty if u bi everything/!?!?!

  15. I agree with the other people. I would use a different material just because felt rip SOOO easy. I’d be afraid to walk in them.

  16. super cute, but hard work without a sewing machine! i used some old pajamas, so any material will work. it depends on the desired durability.

  17. This is awesome. You could change the fabric from felt to other more durable fabrics, like duck cloth or denim. Faux leathers or vinyls make this a great pattern for doll shoes, one of the hardest things to find patterns for. Imagination is your limit.

  18. i would never wear them but anyhow nice idea

  19. thank you, thank you, thank you; for not charging for such a cute, functional piece of wearable art!

  20. Super cute and easily adjustable to fit your needs! Craft stores have a TON of patterned felt you can use! Also, you can sew a button to the top strap and use velcro to secure it, giving a mock-button closure look! CUTE!

  21. ari*saurus*rex says

    the fabric paint is the best idea ever……

  22. good idea for house slippers

  23. These are absolutely adorable! I must make a pair! For out-of-house wear, I’d imagine one could use heavy wool felt (store-bought or handmade) and thick vinyl or leather for the sole. How cute they would be for everyday shoes!

  24. The idea is good, but the quality would only allow these to be house slippers. Getting the vinyl that goes under rugs might make it a little more durable to use for the soles, but even then it wouldn’t be wearable.

  25. I think this is an awesome idea! Especially since I love shoes like those and can never find any in my size!

  26. oh my gosh!
    these are so adorable

  27. I am making these in pink and white for my pot doll halloween outfit. Lets hope they last for a night round town. Beat buying the £40 pair of mary janes I wanted.

  28. GreenMonkey11 says

    i don’t like them but some1 probably will.

  29. coffeejunkie says

    i love the idea! thank you!

  30. Puffy Paint is a fabric paint that puffs up. Can be found in good craft stores.

  31. ….BUT… whats puffy paint???

  32. What a cute project! Perfect for keeping toesies comfy in the house.

  33. lovely!! ^^

  34. I love the idea. Perfect for our Girl Scouts to make for their sleepovers on Thinking Day.

  35. this craft is really cheap

  36. I like these. can’t wait to try making them. as for where to wear them? Around the house. I don’t wear my slippers outside.

  37. Super Cool, Funky and the best thing is they are Handmade !!

  38. personally i think they r usless why not save time and buy

  39. love it!

  40. Umm the idea is to draw around your own foot !!

  41. Love em!!

    Lisa from

  42. no measurements or anything?

  43. I am delighted! Finally a pair of slippers that fit!

  44. Hurrah! I have finally found a shoe pattern after much searching. Hang on, where’s the pattern? Hmmph! Back to Google go I.

  45. where would you wear these?

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