Kids Activity Travel Tube

This free craft project shows you how to make an activity travel tube out of a flexible plastic place mat.

Kids Activity Travel Tube

What you need

Postal Tube
Chalkboard paint
Felt Shapes
2x plastic place mats


Start by covering your postal tube with fabric, paper or felt as we have done.

Green Felt

Take one place mat and on the back of the placemat (usually a firm fabric) paint it with the Chalkboard paint.


The shiny side can be used as a whiteboard for drawing.

On the other placement cover it with a piece of felt securing with a strong craft glue to create a felt board.


Cut out various felt shapes for your board.

Once the paint and glue is dried you can use your activity kit. Simply roll it up and pop some chalk and a whiteboard pen into the tube.



  1. guest is kidding(true)! I am the only 1 that likes it(true)!

  2. love it

  3. This is a great idea especially to keep little ones busy during church because it’s quiet. You could even make it bible themed!

  4. sweet!

  5. This is a great idea, even for older kids.

  6. That’s so cool!

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