How to make clay pottery vases without a kiln

How to make clay pottery vases without a kiln

This craft tutorial shows you how to make vases or containers to look like fake or faux clay pottery. Pottery is very popular right now and these decorations can be easily made without a kiln, using a paint technique and recycled containers.

What you need

bicarb soda

Acrylic paint 

Optional premixed popular colors –Terracotta Acrylic paint Color or Salmon Pink Paint

Paint brush.

Mixing bowl


container to cover with the mix, jar, mason jar, vase,


Faux pottery is very popular right now as being able to make your own DIY Pottery requires a large kiln. You can use Air Drying clay for a similar effect for making clay items, (not food safe though) or you can create these fake clay pottery vases or containers using this very simple paint technique to add texture to your pot.

I love the rustic style of clay pottery but can’t afford the handmade aspect of it, so this got me started or making my own pottery clay.

Basically, fake clay is created by covering something in dull matt textured paint.

My textured paint was made using acrylic paint and bicarb soda.  For best results, I recommend using paint with good coverage so don’t skimp on the brand when using the paint if you can help it. Otherwise, you can just do a few extra coats onto your fake pottery to get the desired effect.

I did not have a premixed color so I create my own terracotta color using pink and yellow and white.


Once you have the color you want to work with, add the bicarb soda, you want to create a thick paste, but not so thick you can’t use a paintbrush.




Test out the thickness of your fake clay pottery paint on a jar to see if it is spreadable.

Once you have coated your upcycled mason jar or vase allow it to dry completely before applying a second coat onto your fake clay pottery vase.

In my opinion a solid item, such as a wood box, thick cardboard box or tray would be easier to cover than a curved glass surface.




  1. Where does the water that is listed in the “what you need list” come in in the process?

  2. Gilmer Gal says

    I think I’ll try this. Then maybe paint a design on it. Thanks for posting!!

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