Felted Bag Felted Flowers

Felted Bag Felted Flowers

This tutorial shows you how to make a felted bag using ready made felted fabrics and embellishments.

What you need

1 yard by 1/2 yard – ( 1 meter x 1/2 meter) less if making a child size bag.

Small amounts of green / various colors of felt ( for decoration)

Large press stud or bag clasp.

A piece of fabric the same sizes as your bag (for the lining) – this can be silk or cotton.



Cut 3 strips 2 inches wide (for the strap).

Cut out your two sides of the bag


Cut out your flowers and leaves.

Applique your flowers and leaves on to one side of your bag. Plait your 3 strips for the handle together and secure both ends. If you want to try the ball design, we purchased felted balls and simply strung them together with fishing line and proceeded to add the handles as normal.

Next sew both sides together with the flowers facing inwards and the straps positioned at each seam. Lay them downwards before stitching them.

Sew both sides of the lining together as you did for the bag section only leave a gap at the bottom about 2 inches for turning later.

Now with both the bag and the lining turned inside out push the lining inside the bag. Line the seams and push in your strap so it is facing inwards. Stitch the lining to the bag sewing it around the top.

Now pull the bag and lining apart and begin to thread the bag and the lining through the hole in the bottom of the lining .

Stitch the hole closed.

Now push the lining into the bag.

Finish off by stitching a press stud on the top to keep your bag closed.

That’s it – finished!


To make the adult size bag cut out the bag sides larger and remember when getting your fabric – allow for your strap.


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    I Absolutely love all you’re projects!! Its everything I cld askk for! I have 7 granddaughters and two grandsons, so this has bbeen veery interesting! Thank U!

  2. I like this project.

  3. Wow this is very easy to make keep up the wonderful projects

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