How to make a Dragonfly Hair Slide

How to make a Dragonfly Hair Slide

This beautiful Victorian-style hair slide will catch many eyes. It is so easy to make that you will be creating heaps for all your kids and their friends!

What you need

Size 3 bugle beads in silver
A few small beads in deep pink
3 large and 8 small beads in pearl
2.8 yds (2.5 mts) of thin silver wire Clear-drying adhesive Pearlized hair clip


To make the hair slide

Make two main wings and two smaller wings, arranging the beads as in the photograph. For this project it is simpler to follow instructions rather than a diagram or chart. The numbers of beads in each row are:

Smaller wings
Row 1 (tip): 1 bead.
Row 2: 2 beads.
Rows 3- 12: 4 beads each.
Rows 13-16: 5 beads each.
Row 17: 4 beads.
Row 18: 3 beads.
Row 19 (next to the body): 2 beads.

Larger wings
Row 1 (tip): 1 bead.
Row 2: 2 beads.
Row 3: 3 beads.
Rows 4-7: 4 beads each.
Rows 8-12:5 beads each.
Rows 13 and 14: 6 beads each.
Rows 15-17:5 beads each.
Rows 18- 20: 4 beads each.
Rows 21 and 22 (next to the body): 2 beads each.

Antennae as seen in figure 1, each one of the antennae is approximately 1/2 inch (1 cm) long, made of twisted wire and tipped with a small pink bead. Clip ends of wire in centre.


Thread all beads for the body (figure 2) on a 12 inch (30cm) length of wire, using pearl beads with smaller pink beads. Bend each end of wire back on itself, around the end of the beads, threading antennae into the head end. Then push back through the beads so that both ends emerge to meet at the centre of the body. Arrange wings in pairs so that the smaller ones are on top. Place body in the centre. Twist wing and body wires together and bind tightly. Wind onto hair clip tightly. Glue a few sequins on the top surface of the wings for additional glitter. Apply a small dab of adhesive to hold antennae in position.


  1. this is so pretty! instructions are a bit vague, but it is actually pretty easy to make. and it is sooo pretty. thanks so much!

  2. Awesomme! But too hard for me! 🙂 Loll.!!

  3. Lil' Miss Craftyness says

    Neat! Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Sunsetonthebeach says

    I think this dragonfly looks very beautiful and detailed. You could adjust the colours slightly to your favourites and to the ones which go with your hair. The pearl beads as the main body really give it authenticity and as it will be sitting in your hair, many others can enjoy your handiwork. I thought that this could be also used as a necklace if wanted or even as a brooch. Although this is suitable for adults, i think children can give it a go if they are willing and have the patience.

  5. I like the look of this and think it could be adapted and used as a shawl pin. Gonna give it a try.

  6. These colors will look nice on my black hair. The pic does not show real well, though. I also thought the directions could be clearer, but I get it and look forward to trying one. Thanks!

  7. very pretty. i like the subtle colours it adds to its victorian style look.

  8. Hey ppl dont write anything if it is not nice even if you dont like it other ppl do and whoever made it I am sure put time energy and a great effort. My comment is the dragonfly should be more colorful

  9. Impossible to work out the instructions. Fine if you already know the technique used, but the article tells us nothing. Where is the diagram that is mentioned in the text?

  10. i luv hair pins including this one!!!

  11. I get what your trying with this, but it really lookes unattractive. the directions are unclear

  12. How is it gross?

  13. Yeah they have some cool vintage patterns here

  14. this is out of a 60s craft book…as is the flower too…

  15. very gross!!!!

  16. COOL!!!!!!!

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