Dollar Tree – Christmas Holiday Placemat Cushions

Dollar Tree – Christmas Holiday Placemat Cushions

Make your own Christmas holiday cushions using placemats from the Dollar Tree store.

What you need

Cushion insert


E6000 glue or Craft glue

Sewing machine

Dollar Tree placemats


For this Christmas craft project, you will need two placemats to create this adorable lounge cushion. You will either need a sewing machine or some glue to complete this cushion.  If you are glueing your cushion closed you will need some clothes pegs to keep the seems pressed firmly whilst the glue dries.

You can purchase a cushion insert or use scrap fabric to stuff the cushion. If you are only using it for Christmas time you could use a rolled-up towel, lap blanket or even stuffed paper that you could later remove.

Such an easy inexpensive project that they make for great classroom activities for Christmas or gift them for all the teachers, neighbours.

This Christmas Holiday craft idea was shared by Celina Muse, thanks for sharing your photo Celina.


  1. I made Thanksgiving cushions this way, then just changed the covers and used the same ones for Christmas.

  2. What is the plastic clock for (listed in supplies)?

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