Christmas Gift Soaps

Christmas Gift Soaps

This project is so simple that you're probably wondering why we added it. Sometimes something obvious really isn't.....

What you need

Block of Soap
Red or green tissue paper
Christmas Ribbons
Small embellishments such as bells or holly leaves.


Start by wrapping up your soap in the tissue paper and secure it with craft glue or sticky tape.

Then using your Christmas ribbon wrap it up like a parcel and add any embellishments such as bells, holly or even miniature parcels. Have a look at the Christmas decorations in your discount store for little things to embellish withm such as holly leaves .

The more beautiful your ribbon the more beautiful the finish….

These make fantastic gifts.

Just tie it up in some cellophane and tie off with a bow and a small Christmas gift card. For teachers, the postman and even grandparents.

They are also great for Christmas fundraising stalls!!!


  1. I remember making these for my grandmother when I was young-many years ago. We made the soap by adding a little water to many soap scraps & molding. It is a geat gift!

  2. I think this is a great wee gift for children to make for Grandparents or other family members. Its not always about how much you spend rather the love that is behind the gift

  3. interesting idea… why does the craft person look like harry potter for this project??? Creepy!!!

  4. what a great fundraising project, I need to make 200 small gifts for hy daughters school and this is ideal. Thank YOu

  5. Again, you’re kidding aren’t you??

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