Cardamom Pod Pomander

Cardamom Pod Pomander

These pomanders are great little hostess gifts to give when you are attending a dinner party or BBQ.

What you need

Green cardamom seeds
Oasis carved into a shape


Using some oasis carve it into a decorative shape such as an apple or pear.

One by one press the seeds into the oasis shape until it is completely covered.

Finish it off with a twig for a stem.

Wrap these in cellophane or make several of them and place them into a nice decorative bowl.


  1. what is oasis?

  2. What is oasis?

  3. google cardamom pod pomander and check out the images to see what a pomander looks like. I have made them from dried oranges stuck all over with cloves to put in my linen cupboard, they have a lovely exotic smell.

    An oasis is the hard spongy piece florists use to push flowers in to hold them in place in floral arrangements. I would guess that you would shape them with a stanley knife or cutter and stick all over with the cardamom pods leaving an area around the middle to tie a ribbon or loop to hang on the tree. The idea would be to give a lovely smell.

    You can buy cardamom pods in the supermarket in the Spices section (in Australia) guess it would be similar elsewhere. I think they are just another version of the Orange Cloves Xmas Ball mentioned above in Related Projects.

    Hope this is helpful 🙂

  4. Google tells me cardamom is a spice. Oasis is a round styrofoam ball. Could this be what this is?

  5. what does that seed look like?And how can you carve it?

  6. Can you post a picture of this? I don’t know what cardamom seeds look like and don’t know what oasis is either.

  7. Uh. I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like if you don’t have any pics. And HOW is this related to christmas? Ithink this would be so much better with pictures.

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