Bling Ring

Bling Ring

This beaded ring is fun & easy! Just the thing for upcoming holiday parties.

What you need

1 Ring w/loops

Headpins – we used 16

Assorted beads – you can use any beads, but nothing says glitz like Austrian Crystals!


Step 1 -Place a bead or two on each of the headpins.

Step 2 – Make a loop directly over the bead.

Step 3 – Gently open the loop to the side, slip into the loop on the ring and close loop.

Step 4 -Repeat until all loops are full. We put 2 beads per ring loop. For bigger beads you may want to use just one.

This project was contributed by Visit their website for beading supplies, projects, classes and articles


  1. wow THIS IS wow
    i try to make it… it became so nice and made me stand out
    every1 who saw it just loved it
    made me shine

  2. I so love this. Simple steps and very straight forward. I’ll check my favorite shop CrystalsRus if they have this ring with loop and can’t wait to try it this weekend with my lovely neices. Two thumbs up for this:)

  3. this is really cool im so doing this

  4. maxine@:D says

    next time i go shopin i go get the stuff a riot (craft store) it looks so cute im gonna make one for my mums b day 😀

  5. This looks great. I’m going to do this because it looks easy to do and it looks pretty too.

  6. This looks good. I like it. I think that this is what i will try.

  7. this is simply exquisite

  8. omg it was soo fun

  9. this is really cool but where do u find the ring with loops??

  10. thank you

  11. this looks great and verry unike

  12. instructions along with pictures. Clear and precise. Nice

  13. This looks like it would be a great project for a beginner beader to make…

  14. Super cute thanx

  15. Ive made this ring in different colours its fab and all my friends want one.

  16. My mom really loved it and she wore it every day

  17. it look so cool

  18. Easy Project and endless ideas

  19. AWESOME!

  20. I Love it!

  21. where do you get ring with loops?Can You make one?

  22. this is so cute u cant wait to make one!!

  23. Mossmask says

    I’ve never heard of Hobby Lobby. Are there any other places you could get one of those rings with loops?

  24. amani-samar says

    i really luv it

  25. awesome

  26. thank you this made it simple to read and do

  27. you can get the loop ring at hobby lobby if you live near one

  28. Love it but where do you the ring with loops from?

  29. cooooool duuuude awwwwesome

  30. that is SOOOOO cute, i really look forward to making it =]

  31. OMG its soo cute

  32. I have gold rings like that and was trying to figure out how I was going to design them, now you have helped me along. Not copying exact but with my own design.

  33. iluvcats says

    as a GUEST said you can order these rings w/loops online @ CRYSTALFLAIR>COM of thats not the adress GOOGLE IT. i only use headpins as it would make it look neater.

  34. beautiful-beads says

    great idea but could you use just normal memory wire or thin jewlry wire instead of headpins????

  35. thanks for sharing

  36. These are so cute! …except i cant find the ring part for the project anywhere… i tried craft stores.. but their nowhere to be found!

  37. there is an aussie site called crystal flair who sells these rings… i think this is really cool and i have seen ppl selling these for $20! just using plastic beads

  38. Again, I discover a craft where you just buy something and decorate it. And you should seriously use shorter head pins!! What a waste!

  39. i havent tried it yet but it looks cute!

  40. Miss World says

    this is one of the best ring crafts I’ve seen! thanks for sharing this.

  41. it’s pretty yet so simple….I love it!

  42. xoBorn2Shopxo says

    OMG!! this ring is totally awesome! i’ve made a bracelet like this before…. now i have a ring to go with it!!!

  43. so simple yet great bur where do you get a ring with the loops ive never seen 1 in my life!!!!!!!!

  44. Where do you get the blank rings?…

  45. angel2me2cutie says

    Awesome!!! So Pretty and simple to make.

  46. this is perfect for my cousin!!!!!!!

  47. bling bling

  48. I dont know where to find a ring with loops though. 🙁

  49. It’s headpins, not hair pins, because that would be weird. Head pins are used in jewelry making commonly. This is a wonderful and cute idea.

  50. where do you get rings with loops on them?

  51. this is a very cool craft, people ask me when i where that ring, are those diamonds?

  52. alteredtome says

    That is wonderful, and it looks so easy..can’t wait to try it now!

  53. neat idea!

  54. Love it!!


  56. niiice !

  57. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    super cute, would be good 4 like a prom or sumthin like that… i love it!!love josie

  58. the coolest an eseest ring ive ever seen!!!

  59. cute

  60. excellent, my ring came out beautiful. my friends all want one. thanxs

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