4th Of July Sugar Cone Candles

4th Of July Sugar Cone Candles

Another patriotic candle making idea that is sure to be a hit with the kids. Perfect for the holiday spirit!

What you need

Pillar or Votive Wax
Heinz CD-8 Pre-tabbed wicks
Rubber Mold Wick Pin
Wick Clip
Sugar Cone Star Mold
Sugar Cone Hearts & Stars Tarts Mold
Acrylic Paint – Red, White and Blue
Paint Brushes
Silver Glitter Glue


Step 1: Heat wax to 200 degrees and add scent of your choice.

Step 2: Center the wick pin in the bottom of the mold and place a wick clip at the top to hold the pin in place.

Step 3: Pour wax into your molds.

Step 4: Heat your wax and re-pour to fill the void if your wax formed a void around the wick pin.

Step 5: Remove the candle from the mold once the wax has completely cooled. Remove the wick pin and insert a pre-tabbed wick.

Step 6: Paint over your candle with white paint if the wax is a natural color. Depending on what wax you use, a couple of layers of paint may be needed to get a bright white color. If the candle is bright white, skip this step.

Step 7: Let the paint dry and paint the stars red and blue.

Step 8: When paint is dry, cover the entire candle with silver glitter glue to give it sparkle! Enjoy the holidays.


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