How To Crochet Left Handed

This How-to Crochet guide was written to give southpaws the basic stitches and their abbreviations often used in standard crochet with left-handed images.

How To Crochet Left Handed

What you need

Crochet Hook


You may find that it is helpful to use this information as a reference guide, especially since most guides are for right-handers! The instructions are designed for a beginner or for someone coming back to the art after a long period. I hope you enjoy using the information!

Let’s start at the very beginning…remember, as always, practice really does make perfect!

How To Crochet: Holding the Crochet Hook

Holding the crochet hook left handed

Hold the hook between your thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand with the hook pointing back towards your thumbnail. This grip should be firm, but comfortable. You will find, as you become more comfortable, that your hook will find its own comfort zone.

How To Crochet: Holding the Yarn
Holding the yarn left handed

Having an even tension on the yarn is crucial to getting even stitches in crocheting. This is especially important if you are doing patterns that are size-specific, such as clothes. This picture shows the working loop being held between the thumb and middle finger of your right hand, looping over the index finger to control tension. Lace the yarn through the other fingers to also help with tension control and tangling. Again, as you work, you will find a comfort zone…nothing says you have to do it EXACTLY like this!

How To Crochet: Beginning Loop
Beginning loop left handed

A slip knot is used as the beginning stitch. I usually insert my hook through the working loop in the opposite direction that I will work, twist, yarn over then pull it through the loop. Some people prefer to tie the knot by hand, then insert the hook to begin working.

How To Crochet: Yarn Over
Crochet Yarn Over Left Handed

Abbreviation: yo

Yarn over means just that; you are twisting the yarn over the hook from front to back so that the hook catches it and can draw it through the loop.

How To Crochet: Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch Left Handed

Abbreviation: ch

The chain stitch is the most basic and is used to form the base row and rings. You simply yarn over and pull through the loop to make on stitch. Practice this until you can get a chain of uniform looking loops; its all about tension control and can be easier said than done!

How To Crochet: Making a Ring
Crochet Making A Ring

Abbreviation: r# (example: r5 is a chain of 5 stitches made into a ring.)

A ring is made of a desired number of chain stitches with one end attached to another. Chain the desired amount, then slip the hook through the beginning stitch. Yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook. Rings are used to start blocks, such as Granny Squares, or can be used as decorations, such as a popcorn stitch.

How To Crochet: Single Crochet
Single Crochet Left Handed

Abbreviation: sc

The term “crochet” involves picking up a loop or loops from a previous stitch. The term “single” tells you that you will yarn over and pull through the loops one time. Entire items can be made using this stitch, although it may not look very interesting. To do a single crochet, pick up the front AND back loops from the desired stitch (usually the next one unless specified), yarn over and pull through the loop.

How To Crochet: Double Crochet
Double Crochet Left Handed

Abbreviation: dc

Here, you will yarn over, THEN pick up the FRONT loop of the desired stitch. Yarn over and pull through the first of the three loops on the hook. Yarn over again and pull through the remaining two loops on the hook. For a tight weave, dc in every stitch; for a looser weave, use every other stitch.

How To Crochet: Half-Double Crochet
Half Double Crochet Left Handed

Abbreviation: hd

This begin just like the dc; you will yarn over, THEN pick up the FRONT loop of the desired stitch. Yarn over again and pull it through all three loops on the hook. For a tight weave, hd in every stitch; for a looser weave, use every other stitch.

How To Crochet: Triple Crochet
Triple Crochet Left Handed

Abbreviation: tc

Begin the triple crochet by yarning over twice, then pick up the front loop of the desired stitch. Yarn over again and draw it through the first two loops on the hook. Repeat this until all the loops are off the chain. For a tight weave, tc in every stitch; for a looser weave, use every other stitch.

How To Crochet: Tying Off
Crochet Tying Off

Work and extra chain stitch, cut the end and pull it completely through the loop. Pull firmly on the end to create a knot.

This How To Crochet project was contributed by Machele Bailey

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  1. I am a leftie and learned by watching the person do it from the back side..The same for knitting..

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  4. hi i’m a leftie and been crochetting since i was 8 years old. all i was told to do was take any pattern I found and follow the directions. I was taught by a rightie. I sat across from her and she showed me what to do. I taught my daughter, shes a righty.

  5. I needed the pictures. It is really hard to do it left handed when I am a right handed crocheter. I have two students who want to learn to crochet and they are left handed so I am going to pratice. It is tuff. Thank you for the directions. Maureen

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My Mom-in-law tried to teach me how to crochet about 13 years ago but she’s a righty and I am a lefty so all I got was super confused. Now it makes sense, I’m gonna give it a try…wish me luck ;)

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  9. Thank you for the left handed directions. I am teaching a group of children at our church mini-camp basic crochet and one boy was very intent on learning. He is left handed and I am right so it was a little difficult for me. Your directions will be most helpful for the young boy as well as for any future students. God Bless your work.

  10. I am a right-handed person who knows how to crochet right-handed. My sister-in-law is left-handed and wanted to learn to crochet. I learned how to crochet left-handed from this site and now I am am to teach my sister-in-law. I give a HUGE THANKS to this site.

  11. Thank you for this site! I’ve been trying for years, to learn from books, without success. This is the best ever!

  12. Wow, wish I had something like this when I was learning to crochet . . . I am the only left-handed girl in my family . . . all my aunts, both sets of grandmothers, and my mom were or are right-handed. My granddaughter is left-handed, but hopefully when and if she wants to learn to crochet, I will be around to teach her.

  13. What do you call it after you make the chain?

  14. Thank-you so much for posting this helpful site. I am one who is coming back to the art now that I have retired. The pictures are very good and just what I needed to get going again. Grateful — from the mountains in Northen Calif.

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