Amigurumi Crochet Pattern: String Bean Bunny

This free crochet pattern shows you how to make a fun little Amigurumi Easter bunny. Instructions use American stitch terms so for Aussies a single crochet (sc) is the same as a double crochet (dc) pattern.

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern: String Bean Bunny

What you need

8ply wool (worsted weight) in colour of choice for body
small amount of white wool for tail or little white pom pom
small amount of wool for mouth
small 6-8mm safety eyes or small buttons
small amount of polyfill toy stuffing
ribbon, bells, collar or other decorations


Not suitable for young child’s toy – may be a choking hazard.

Starter ring used for all pieces : 3 chain join loop, 2 chain, 5 sc into loop, join to 2nd chain at beginning (6st)pull little tail to make ring snug.

Add marker and start to follow pattern. Make pieces in the correct order EARS starter ring *inc all* (x6)(12st) Sc 4 rounds *10sc, dec* (x1)(11st) Sc 4 rounds *9sc, dec* (x1)(10st) Sc 4 rounds *8sc, dec* (x1)(9st) *7sc, dec* (x1)(8st)

String Bean Bunny 1


Starter ring *inc all* (x6)(12st) *1sc, inc* (x6)(18st) *2sc, inc* (x6)(24st) *5sc, inc* (x4)(28st) Sc 1 round *6sc, inc* (x4)(32st) Sc 2 rounds *6sc, dec* (x4)(28st) Sc 2 rounds *5sc, dec* (x4)(24st)

Do not end.

Put in safety eyes a couple of rounds up. Make them about 1.5′ apart.

Stitch a little cross for the mouth. When happy put the backs on your eyes and knot off mouth.

Start stuffing the head. Picture string bean bunny *2sc, dec* (x6)(18st) *1sc, dec* (x6)(12st)

Finish and cut end about 2′ long. Finish stuffing head.

Put tail back inside hole to hide. ARMS Starter ring *2sc, inc* (x2)(8st) Sc 5 rounds. Finish and cut end about 2′ long. Leave unstuffed or put a pea sized amount of stuffing in paw tips.

String Bunny Legs


starter ring *1 sc, inc* (x3)(9st) sc 5 rounds.  End here with a long tail to sew for the short legs.

For long legs sc another 5 rounds *7sc, dec* (x1)(8st) sc 5 rounds and end with a long tail to sew to body.


Starter ring *inc all* (x6)(12st) *inc all* (x12)(24st) Sc 4 rounds *4sc, dec* (x4)(20st) Sc 1 round Loosen wool. Divide the top edge into quarters and mark the sides of the body.

String Bunny Arms Pinned

Pin the arms in place

String Bunny Pins

Now continue crocheting. Make sure you go through all the layers of the arm and body. *2sc, dec* (x5)(15st).

String Bunny 6

Finish leaving a long tail 10 or 25cm – to sew the body to the head later .

When you finish stuffing the body, make sure the bottom is a little flat so you can sew the legs in place later. Alternatively you can just crochet the body and sew the arms to the outside of the body later using a ladder stitch.


Pin the ears in place and ladder stitch to head.

Pin ears to bunny

Pin the body to the head making sure the arms are at the sides.

Pin Bunny Legs

Pin the legs to the bottom of the body and sew in place.

Bunny Finished

You can use a small white pom pom for a tail or make a tail from a small amount of white yarn – use a starter ring, then sc 2 rounds. End with a long tail and sew to the body. Don’t stuff.

All done!


  1. I agree WORST instructions I have ever seen. Looks like instructions in shorthand- gimma a break

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    omg so cute and just in time fir easter thanks for posting it up you are gr8!

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    I’ve pretty much made my bunny, but I think I’m missing something.

    Am I supposed to be joining the rounds or is it continuous rounds?
    Still a novice here, but I Love the bunny.
    Thanks for your help.


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  9. I made one yesterday and another today. It took me a couple hours. Maybe I’m just slow. My first one turned out shorter & fatter than the picture, so I added rows to the second one. I used Baby Bee Pitter Patter Eyelash Yarn. The bunnies are so soft and smooth, I can’t stop cuddling them! Thank you for sharing this pattern!

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    this is sooo cute!!!

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