Tree Ornament: Candy Cane Bear

Tree Ornament: Candy Cane Bear

This kids Christmas craft project shows you how to make a paper teddy bear that hugs a Christmas Candy Cane. Great for Teacher gifts!

What you need

black and brown card stock or heavy construction paper
wobble eyes
glue stick
glue dots
candy canes
hole punch
a nickel (for tracing)
bear pattern


Print out the pattern and cut it out with scissors.


Bear Pattern.

(Tip: for a sturdier pattern, use a glue stick to attach the paper pattern to light cardboard, like a piece of cereal box before cutting it out.)

Trace the bear pattern onto black card stock using a pencil. Carefully cut out with scissors.

Trace the nickel on brown card stock to make the large circle for the bear’s nose. Cut it out.

Use the hole punch to create two brown circles for the inner ear and one black circle for the nose. Cut them out.

Glue facial features, including the eyes onto bear using a glue stick.

Attach the candy cane to the bear’s body using a glue dot. Be sure to angle it over one shoulder so it doesn’t block the face.

Fold the bear’s arms over his chest so that they “hug” the candy cane. Secure the ends of the arms together using a glue stick.

Hang the bear on a Christmas tree using the candy cane as a hook, or tie him onto a package for decoration.


  1. Spangler Candy says

    This is a great idea! We love it when our candy canes are incorporated into unique craft projects. Thanks so much for posting!

  2. My daughter made santa’s and snowmen in 1st grade, kids really had fun making them. so much fun to do!!

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