Survival Kit – Guardian Angel

Survival Kit – Guardian Angel

Purchase a small gift bag and fill with these items along with a label explaining each token. Make this creative gift for a friend - tell them you're their guardian angel.

What you need

Materials required below


Toothpick – Pick out the good qualities in everyone, including yourself.

Band-Aid – To heal hurt feelings.

Gum – Think before you “Chew” others out.

Smiley Face – Because smiling is contagious

Guardian Angel – Because everyone needs one.

Pencil – To write down your days blessings.

Eraser – To remind you always start each day with a clean slate.

Sticky Tape – To tape your lips when you have nothing good to say.

Star – To reflect what you can be.

Sand paper – To smooth out the rough edges.

Glitter – To make things sparkle.

Velcro dot – Help you get a grip on things.

Rubber Band – To stretch you beyond your limits.

Paper clip – To keep things together.

Candle – To light up your path.


  1. I love the idea love the idea of adding a fan, flower and apple. I would add a small cross, to remind us we can go to Christ with any pray for help with anything.

  2. This guardian angel survival kit is a great idea for all ages. 5 thumbs up

  3. to the people who have left negative comments – consider yourselves very fortunate never to have needed a guiding light or a helping hand – you are lucky people! (now leave the rest of us to enjoy our ‘cheesy and patronising’ craft ideas) thank you.

  4. Brilliant for a laugh, I will do the friendship and retirement kit and of course the people recieving them will be getting their real pressies but your idea and the reasons why just add to a good get together.

  5. This a wonderful idea you guys that say it stupiid are silly!It shows how much effort you put into it wich what true freinds do! and it shows you you really do care because you spent time on it just for them!every piece has a meaning its wonderful 5/5

  6. Aww so cute!If you have an upset friend its perfecttt xx 😀

  7. whats the point in that you might as well give them a piece of paper saying that you like them instead of wasting money duhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. regenboogvrouwtje says

    I used this idea to fill a wooden heart with all this kind of stuff and personal texts. It was nice to give and watch the effect.

  9. Nobody needs this! just tell the person how you feel, don’t waste money on a cheap gift!

  10. babygirlblue says

    I love this, so simple and so very nice with huge meaning, thank you for this wonderful idea.

  11. This is such a sweet project! How nice!

  12. I seen a lot of people comment that this is impersonal so make it personal. You dont need to put exactly what is listed find items that your friend would expect from you. If you take the time to get the items your friend would like to recieve it is no longer a “cheesy” gift but something you thought about. If you dont have the imagion to do that you are not crafty and shouldnt try doing things crafty.

  13. i think this is stupid

  14. i love it! and it is so true! brilliant idea! 🙂 <3

  15. I am an assistant cheerleading coach & made these bags for my daughter’s cheerleading squad. They were a big hit and really helped as a team building gesture.

  16. Try adding:
    Apple- For god health.
    Fan- To blow your troubles away.
    Flower-Because you are one, growing in the garden of life.

  17. This is also a great idea. I liked the Friendship Kit, this makes it even better. I’m goint to add somes things to it too. I’m going to make the cell phone purses and add a note that says someting about staying in touch with one another.

  18. This is absoloutly brilliant! I printed out the page and showed it to my one of my friends and they thought it was brilliant as well!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  19. this was absolutly wondetrful!!! i used it as a Christmas Gift for my lil’ brother 2 make for mommy 🙂

  20. awesome. i m gonna make one for my sis. thanks

  21. great gift for every enemy,

  22. nice and really sweet, perfect 4 your best friends. i like the idea but i would change some things.
    i like it!!

  23. That is, like, totally, like, awesone!

  24. Thats sooo clever i love it!

  25. This isn’t exactly what I was looking for but I got some great ideas. I made similar bags for my 30+ co-workers last Christmas instead of giving cards and they loved it! It really meant something that someone took time out of a busy schedule for them.

  26. I think you really got to know the person you’re giving it to. I hate it, but I think my aunts go for this sort of stuff, and I needed something to put in those jewelry boxes I’m giving them.
    Maybe if this list were modified into a “scavenger hunt bottle

  27. It’s a “Guardian Angel Survival Kit.” Why would anyone be insulted to receive this if you thought they were an angel to you? I’m going to have my grandchildren make these for their teachers & make them myself for my friends. Great idea!

  28. excellent

  29. I think this is a great idea. I like the fact that these things are used to remind one to be good with each of it’s special meaning.

  30. I think This Is Great For AnyOne

  31. great idea

  32. very cute! i like it i will do it for my friends! Thank you very much i really appreciate it!

  33. nice gift for friends…in a crochet bag..thanks

  34. It is to lift someone’s spirit as a symbol that you collected all of this for them. It is not supposed to be practical. . .so much!

  35. craftykid101 says

    very clever! cute! very clever! this would make a great gift any occasion!

  36. Why don’t you add a marble for when you lose your marbles

  37. too cutsie and of no practical, actual help.

  38. My friends might take this the wrong way and think I think they are mean-spirited people, quick to anger and humourless. I would think that if I got given one of these!!

  39. Surfinride96 says

    i love it

  40. very cute

  41. i love it this is exactly what iam looking 4 i cant wait 2 make it 4 my mom!


  43. i liked this it is wonderful

  44. Deary me no one said you had to make it. If I remember correctly this is a free site giving you hundreds of brilliant ideas to help you!
    I have a feeling many of us would be very pleased if you thought before making such crude comments!

  45. I was slightly disappointed.But the idea was brilliant.

  46. this is a wonderful gift for a negative person

  47. yucky

  48. hospital patients would enjoy, especially longterm. what an outreach for our wmu (womens missionary union) group.

  49. hospital patients would enjoy, especially longterm. what an outreach for our wmu (womens missionary union) group.

  50. cute idea 🙂 you could also include a card for the outside of cwat ever container saying pick one item every time you need an angel and it will help you get through. kinda like a lucky dip of wisdom from your gaurdian angel

  51. great idea should make more ideas like this!!!!!!!!!

  52. This is a very inspiring gift for any age that others would love to receive!!!!!

  53. I think its a great idea, especially for children. They can give them as gifts to grandparents or to their teachers. Thanks for the neat idea.

  54. This is a really cute idea, and I will give it to several people.

  55. I used this for a group therapy project and my clients really enjoyed making them.

  56. I love all Inspirational Craft projects, I will make and give this to my Church members for Christmas. Very Good Craft Idea, Thanks.

  57. Very creative idea!

  58. that is sooooo cute! good way to teach children

  59. PoeticArtist says

    I really like this idea, I found it to be sweet and meaningful. It can be given to anyone of any age and still be appreciated. Just what I was looking for. Thankyou.

  60. So sweet….and simple.Can be given to people of every age.

  61. Great gift idea!

  62. This is way past cool!!!

  63. awesome i think i can suggest it 2 my friends

  64. this is a neat little craft and i love it it is a good craft to do and then give it to a mentor or realitive or any other cristin person

  65. something we all need

  66. I love this! I’m so giving these at the end of my therapy group to all my kids!

  67. a great idea for firefighters and ems

  68. it is a very cool and good craft to gift a friend

  69. Wonderful gift.

  70. so cute

  71. kristaozbolt says

    love the idea

  72. Cute idea! I wanna make one for each of my friends!

  73. Really cute idea, I will be making a few of these.

  74. Very sweet craft!

  75. the perfect gift for my grandmother who just loves angels.

  76. very cute idea!

  77. This is a very nice gift for someone. :):):)

  78. the guardian angel survival kit is extremely adorable. i might even give it to my mom as a mother’s day gift.

  79. This is awesome and came at a time I needed to think on this line for even myself RCH

  80. This is not a craft. It is very impersonal and the messages are patronising. I would hate to receive this

  81. everyone needs a guardian angel

  82. I think maybe this is more of an American thing, perhaps the people who think it is impersonal and cheesy do not respond to the American-sew-it-on-a-pillow-hearts-and-flowers-candy-kisses-all-wrapped-up-in-a-great-big-bow type of craft making

  83. I liked all but the ruber band part.

  84. i dont understand why these people are saying rude things, they obviously have bad taste and they should think twice, they are just jealous of the person who created it since it is a brilliant idea, and secretly, they are probably in need of it right now.

  85. Sorry but I think is horribly cheesy and impersonal. And I can’t really see why collecting together random items and labelling them counts as craft

  86. What a wonderful gift idea for anyone!

  87. what a kind and thoughtful gift

  88. what a kind and thoughtful gift

  89. I think they are so neat to do

  90. this is a very sweet idea i really love it

  91. i think its a nice “just because” gift.To remind someone you care about them, even if it is quite cheesy.Its sweet too.But i wouldnt give it as an occaison gift, its not… personal enough

  92. so awsomee!! u peeps dat dis this r IDIOTS!! this is soo cute.. gonna make it 4 a prezzie 4 xmas..:)

  93. made and sold these at our church sale went over big

  94. Great idea. What a fun gift to give!!!

  95. LoL! Time to grow up. P.S very nice site

  96. I love it! I’m going to make them for the ladies in my office for Christmas!

  97. There’s a difference between”expressing” opinions and being A$$holes about it.If u read some of the other people’s comments,you’d find they are more than rude.So,if YOU can READ I didn’t say always give good feedbacks,but just don’t be a JACKA$$ about it!

  98. Don’t pity me thanks. Are people not allowed to express opinions that are not complimentary? If so maybe we should only be allowed to give four or five stars, wouldnt that be sweet?

  99. great

  100. This is such a cute idea..the people who wrote rude comments about this idea are in desperate need of this because obviously..nobody cares for them so they turn cynical. How sad. Let’s all take time to pity them.

  101. Great Idea… SImple Too!

  102. Great idea to give high school graduates who will be going away to college. I’m going to put all the items in a nice glass jar decorated with angels.

  103. cheesey

  104. what a lovely idea, you could even personalise it a bit more if you wanted to make it extra special. Thanks 🙂


  106. cute..

  107. Awsome idea, everybody
    needs a guardian angel. Going to make and sell at work for our christmas party. Keep one for myself as a reminder that I too have a “Guardian Angel”.

  108. very cool

  109. It’s kinda…. cheesy…

  110. bookmark says

    i think this is an awsome project.

  111. Absolutely a very nice idea,,, would make wonderful JUST BECAUSE gifts

  112. Very nice idea.

  113. what do you put in the bag for the zip?

  114. i thought that was so cute but true cause we take evry thing inperspective each day of life.
    if it was a rateing of ten out of ten then you would be a ten plus

  115. It’s kind of a cheap, impersonal gift disguised as a personal one. In reality, wouldn’t someone enjoy something that you actually thought up just for them (to suit their taste)? Personally I’d rather have someone write me a nice letter just to me than g

  116. What a great idea – Love it!!! A great way to show someone how special they are!!!

  117. This is the worst idea I have ever read.

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