Seed Bead Ring

Seed Bead Ring

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What you need

Solid color seed bead
Translucent color seed bead


Using two colors of seed beads, one solid the other translucent; add one solid color and two translucent then two solid then two translucent and one solid. Go through all these 8 seed beads again and pull tight so that it looks like there are two rungs or ladders of beads.
Thus this stitch is called a ladder stitch)
Adding one solid and two translucent and one solid go back through last ladder and back up through these last 4 beads you have just added. Continue in this fashion until the ring fits your finger. Now going through first ladder and last ladder join the ring together.
(It is best to join at least twice around)


  1. Thank you for sharing. A picture of a premade ring would have been very helpful.

  2. Great project for younger students. I had great success with my art class with groups of 3-4 students. Plus the materials are cheap and plentiful (easy investment). Thanks!!

  3. Really REALLY easy but It took me like a day to finish 2 rings!

  4. Looks great, simple instructions. Can I do it without a needle?

  5. this looks really cool i can’t wait to try it!!!

  6. Yummy?

  7. Love the design but it took me several tries to get the concept right. Plus at first the beads kept clumping together. But I finally got it and the ring came out really nice. Great project for beginner beaders!!

  8. great project!

  9. that was a cute ring, maybe i can try to do that…thanks for the simple but elegant patterns

  10. blueknitter4u says

    niceand great job

  11. easy! thanx!

  12. good but took a long time to do

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


  14. VERY COOL!

  15. egyptologist9 says

    beautiful but very confusing

  16. very easy

  17. it looks tooooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. soooooooooooo adorible

  19. Love it

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