Pom Pom Spider

Pom Pom Spider

You can turn these into magnets, add some string and hang them up or glue them onto the top of jars for a spider lolly jar. Perfect to do with kids for Halloween.

What you need

Black or Brown pom pom
1 x large pom pom around 1-2 inch in size
2 x chenille/pipe cleaner, the bumpy ones look best
Wobble eyes
Craft Glue


Take your chenille sticks and cut them into 4 to give you 8 legs.

Glue them onto the large pom pom with some craft glue and allow to dry.

Add the eyes and your have a very hairy scary spider!


  1. Cute! I’m going to use this idea and give one to all the kids in our class for the Haloween party!!!!!!!!!

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