Daisy Ring

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What you need

Delica seed beads (they lay flatter, highly recommended)
Silamide beading thread (you can use Nymo, but you must pre-condition it before use)
Beading needle (I use size 10, but size 12 will work)
8 mm accent bead (I used facetted cat’s eye)
20 dagger



Cut 2 arm lengths of string and thread through the needle. String on the stopper bead and pass through it twice, leaving an 8 inch tail.

String on as many beads that will fit around your finger. When sizing, beware that the ring will have a tiny bit of stretch.

Pass your needle through your first 4 beads (not the stopper bead) to make a ring shape. Make 2 half hitch knots.
At this point you will start the peyote stitch. Add one bead and skip one bead. For better instructions regarding peyote stitch, go to beadwork.about.com

Continue your peyote stitch until you get to the desired thickness of ring. I have 7 rows
Tie off your ring by completing 2 more half hitch knots.

At this point you can cut off the extra thread, tie 2 more half hitch knots in your ring and add your accent bead (the stronger way), or simply add your accent bead. You add the accent bead by weaving the thread through the delica beads and through the accent bead several times.

String on a dagger bead and weave it very close to your accent bead. Weave each dagger bead in a circular fashion around the dagger bead. After you have completed one layer of dagger beads, sew the additional dagger beads on top. Tie off your project by doing 2 additional half hitch knots and weaving extra thread through beads and trim off. Trim off your stopper bead and any additional thread sticking out.

Ta dah! Completed project:

What you need

Beading thread
Size 11 seed beads in various colors
Beading needle


 These little patchwork squares made from your leftover seed beads can be woven together to make a wrist cuff or bookmark, connected to ear wire with a jump ring to make earrings, or hung from a necklace as a pendant. Experiment with different color combinations and patters; the possibilities are endless. 

Project time (per square): about 10 minutes
1. Cut a 20-inch length of beading thread and tie an overhand knot in the thread, leaving a 5- to 6-inch tail.
2. Thread the beading line through a flexible beading needle, and string four size 11 seed beads onto the thread.
3. Run the thread back up through the first two beads to form a small square. Pass the thread through all four beads again to tighten the square.
4. String three more beads onto the thread. Pass the needle back through the last bead in the inner square.
5. Pass the string through the next bead of the inner square, and repeat step 4.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the remaining two beads in the inner square so each corner of the small square has three beads surrounding it. Pass the thread through the beads of the outer square to straighten and tighten it.
7. For a two-layer square, weave both ends back through several beads, tying knots as you go to secure the thread. Trim any remaining thread.
8. With the thread emerging from between the two center beads on one side of the square, string one bead and pass the thread back through the last bead in the second layer and the next bead in the second layer. Repeat once.
9. With the thread emerging from a corner bead in the second layer, add three beads. Pass the thread back through the corner bead and the next bead in the second layer.
10. Repeat steps 8 and 9, adding one bead for every middle bead in the second layer and three beads for every corner bead in the second layer. Pass the thread through all the beads on the third layer to tighten and straighten them.
11. Continue adding layers in this manner until your square reaches the desired size. For larger squares, you can use a 3mm cube-shaped bead in place of the four central beads.


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