Cupid Poop: Valentine’s Day Gift

Cupid Poop: Valentine’s Day Gift

This Valentine's day craft project shows you how to make a gift jar filled with romantic Cupid Poop.

What you need

Small Red Heart Candies
Baby Food Jar


Place the candy into a clean baby food jar and attach this little poem.


Here is something from the cupids above
Who fly along with all the doves
Whose arrows have hit many lonely hearts
they send you a gift for your heart
your kindness and love have been so true
so the cupids have sent you their little poo-poo


  1. j think thjs is real cute

  2. My husband drives a school bus and every valentines day I make these up and instead of using jars I use ziplock snack bags. His kids love these especially his middle & hig school kids.

  3. Cheesy but fun. I love the commentators poem variations too. I may give this to my middle school sons!

  4. I love this…I use this poem…Roses are red, Violets are blue, I didn’t know what to get you, so here’s some cupid poo. Happy Valentines Day! Haters need not reply…xoxo

  5. I love this! I gave it to my BFF and she thought it was hilarious! Happy Valentines Day ♥

  6. I couldn’t send you flowers
    And candy wouldn’t do
    And mushy cards just don’t Say the things
    I want them to.
    So I got you something special
    And here’s the inside scoop
    I found you something very rare Its genuine Cupid poop

  7. It’s a cute idea for a laugh. I think the poem needs some work though.

  8. My mother-in-law puts small marshmallows in a jar at Christmas time,with a little typed poem, and hands them out to everyone as snowman poop.

  9. What an absolute hoot!! I am going to send this to a couple of friends who will undoubtedly LOVE it to 😀

  10. This is hilarious.

  11. hillarious!

  12. I like this idea and I plan to do it this year. I bought a few baby food jars, and I am gonna put Hershey kisses or something inside and decorate the jar a little. It’s a cute gift and it’s funny, and you can do it without the poem but the poem makes it more fun. I am also making origami roses, and I decorated a little box to put the jar and other candies in.

  13. Corny….but oh so cute!

  14. I really HATE it when people are rude. If you don’t like it, then don’t look at it. You don’t need to post all those unkind comments on there!

    I think this idea is cute for my parents. They’ll laugh like heck!

    <3, Cheryl P.

  15. These are really good presents for school aged classroom parties. I have never done this before. My children give out the cello bags at Christmas, with 3 marshmellows in them. Some schools require store bought items, then we use 3 cotton balls. And attach a poem:
    You’ve been bad-
    so here’s the scoop,
    All you get is-
    snowman poop!
    Kids love this one at the holidays. Oddly enough-parents love them more!
    It’s nice to find an alternative for Valentines Day

  16. Funny! Really, guys, It’s not that gross!

  17. omg! this is epic!! this is what my boyfriend is SO getting. He’ll get such a laugh out of this and he loves gummies.. omg this is brilliant! Thank you!! Ollie <3

  18. love it

  19. How inappropriate! Maybe for someone you don’t like!

  20. that was the lamest thing i’ve ever heard.

  21. why are people so rude??? do you want me to be rude to you??? if you have a better idea then add it but until then unless you have a nice or construstive comment you need to just leave one. i like this idea. my family loves funny stuff like this..

  22. sooooooooo cute and my friends want to make it too

  23. This is a very good valentines day idea!!Ilove the poem!!!Espesially the end!!!!!!!!!

  24. My 4th grade son will LOVE it!

  25. good classroom idea, easy and inexspensive

  26. This makes a cute novelty gag gift/favor for a party. For those who feel it’s gross…it’s no worse than the pooping reindeer dispensers, reindeer pee, or snowman poop. I saw all 3 for sale at our local Cost Plus this holiday.

  27. its cute!!!!

  28. go take your own pooh and give it!!dont give stupid ideas like this!!it sucks

  29. How cute! Kate

  30. i hate it find better ideas people. i know you aren’t even going to put this in. never mind people

  31. Funny!

  32. i think it is sooooooooooooo awesome

  33. pretty cool

  34. Cute

  35. Maybe use chocolate chips?

  36. very cute! if you don’t have a baby food jar, you can use a little craft bag and staple the message on there instead.

  37. a very thought provoking gift

  38. aww.. that’s real cute!!!

  39. That gave me a giggle!!

  40. I think it’s absolutely GROSS!!! I don’t like it… I think it’s dumb!!!

  41. a nice change to the typical sickly-sweet options there are out there, and i love the idea of hershey kisses, they sure would look the part! hehe

  42. i think thats kind of gross!!!!!!!! 🙁

  43. That is so funny! I wish i thought of that…

  44. I changed line 4 to “They send you this gift b/c we’re apart” and got some cuter jars and ribbon. This will be cute for our kids to send to far away family. TY too cute!

  45. I liked the idea of candy and a poem,but the poem and the name of it sounds wierd and gross.

  46. Arrows hitting lonely hearts,
    with their love-inducing darts, the Cupids flying up above
    bestow their little gifts of love.
    Your love has been so kind and true, what could they give you but their poo?
    (you could use that instead- I did it. lol)

  47. you know that would be funny to unwrap a bunch of hershey’s kisses and put ’em in the baby food jar…lol!

  48. creativemind says

    omg! gross!

  49. I think it is a cute little idea for Grade 3,4 or 5 classmates to give eachother…My son will love to give this out!!!

  50. Cute. My little grand nephews will get a kick out of them, as will my adult children! Thanks!

  51. lol I,m making these for son inlaw

  52. Cute

  53. very cute.

  54. how so freakin’ awsome, who wouldda thought of that clever idea

  55. I think it is funny
    i like poop! lol

  56. Cool love it!

  57. it’s what my husband is getting thanks for the laugh

  58. This is so cute! My boyfriend is going to think this is so funny!

  59. dumb and i geuss 11 is not in most ages

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