Canvas Jewelry Holder

Canvas Jewelry Holder

This project is similar to our photo frame jewelry holder but this one is much bigger. The lace allows you to HOOK your earrings on to the frame. The hooks are for hanging everything else.

What you need

1 artist canvas
Lace Fabric to cover canvas
Hot glue gun
Screw in cup hooks
Picture hooks


For reference: photo frame jewelry holder – this one is just bigger.

The lace allows you to HOOK your earrings on to the frame. The hooks are for hanging everything else.

You can recycle an old canvas print you not longer like or how about using those old tatty net lace curtains?

Choose an artist canvas that is big enough for your jewelry but small enough to fit on your wall.

Take the lace fabric and cover the canvas. Secure it at the back with hot melt glue. If you are not using hot melt glue use craft glue and allow it to dry.

Layout where you would like your hooks to go. I screwed my cup hooks into the outer edge as the canvas has a wooden frame. These will be strong enough to hang my heavy beads.

I placed small picture hooks along the bottom for bracelets and other lighter items.

Your layout will depend on what jewelry you have.

The hard part is sorting out all your jewelry but once you have done it, you can see everything you have.


  1. gummiworm191 says

    OMG it looks super easy… I’ll definately have to try it out !

  2. I did this project and it is super easy. How I did it though was I got a hard canvas board and about half a yard of black nylon fabric. I was having trouble with the glue (didn’t have hot glue gun) so instead I wrapper the nylon around the base and gathered all the extra fabric at the top and tied pink ribbon around it. I left the long pieces of ribbon and curled it by running the edge of the scissors down the ribbon. Once i organized the extra fabric on top (it’s like how you would do if you were wrapping a cylinder shaped present) I screwed in the self screw hooks (be warned this is a little difficult and takes a lot of force!) Then I got some double sided mounting tape from Lowes and hung it on my wall!!

    This is adorable and a great idea for college students living in dorms that don’t have a lot of space for big jewelry boxes!

  3. This is a great idea!! Definitely will be making a few of these.

  4. what brilliant idea you can see all your jewellery together saving you time looking through it all. I will definateley be making one of these .

  5. cool craft,never thoght of it.

  6. OMIGOD whre were you when I needed help last week? Have spent ages banging in hooks on a wooden door when I already HAD canvases I didn’t like and could have used! Moan!

  7. I was just thinking that you could also use Lace Ribbon as another way to make the earrings hang on… because if you are like me you probably have more bracelets and necklaces then earrings. Also if you only cover half of the canvas in Lace then you cou

  8. I did a jewelry hanger out of plywood, 2″ foam and black stretch velor. Lay foam on plywood, stretch black velor over and staple on back. You can make these as large or small as needed. stick quilting pins in for necklaces, pins and earrings just stick.

  9. Mmmmm nice idea. I’m going to see about making one of these when I start selling my jewellry!

  10. Cool! It looks pretty impressive with all that jewelry on it!

  11. creative idea

  12. I am always looking for ideas to display or hang my beaded jewelry. Thanks for the share….

  13. pink_monkey says

    As a jewelry designer and maker I LOVE THIS IDEA

  14. i like it and i agree w/ the other guest about the closer view of yhe finished product.

  15. Nice idea, but it would have been better if there was a close up picture for us to see how the lace & different hooks work for the necklaces, bracelets etc.

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