Cafe Latte Candle

Cafe Latte Candle

Coffee? Or a Candle? Have fun making this creative candle making project!

What you need

Latte Glass
Dark Brown Dye Chips
Basic candle making supplies


This project uses Basic Candle Making Instructions.

Start by tinting the wax for your bottom latte section, to get a nice dark color, use brown with a hint of black if you want a more expresso tint, otherwise go for a milky coffee color.

Set your wick up by sinking it into the glass with a weight or by tying it to a chopstick and laying the chopstick over the glass so that the wick hangs into the glass.

(If you are unfamiliar with the wick process then go back and read the basic candle making supplies article)

Fill the glass 3/4 full with the latte wax.

Then using a clean pot, melt down a smaller amount of the white for the frothy top for the latte.

Place the wax into a bowl allow it to cool slightly then whip it up using a fork or whisk. Spoon this frothy mix into the top of the glass and allow it to set.

We finished off the top with a sprinkling of grated brown dye chips for a moccha toping.


  1. cool candles

  2. that’s real cute!

  3. cool idea! i like those food-imitation craft stuffs.

  4. kristin8217 says

    it looks so cute and good enough to drink! im making them for my friends but im trying the frothy style for the top like in the frothy beer it 5/5


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