Crochet A Babushka Head Kerchief

Crochet A Babushka Head Kerchief

Perfect for spring & summer - this crochet pattern is a Russian inspired head scarf/kerchief that is very stylish!

What you need

Crochet hook size 5.00
Worsted yarn


row 1: ch 3, (counts as first dc now and throughout) 4 dc in 3rd ch frm hk, ch3 turn

row 2: dc in first 3sts, 2 dc in last st, ch 3 turn (6dc)

row 3: *dc across to last dc, 2dc in last dc, ch 3 turn* (8dc)

row 4: repeat ** (10dc)

row 5: repeat ** (12dc)

row 6: repeat ** (14dc)

row 7: repeat ** (16dc)

row 8: repeat ** (18dc)

row 9: repeat (20dc)

row 10: repeat (22dc)

row 11: repeat (24dc)

row 12: repeat (26dc)

row 13: repeat (28dc)

row 14: repeat (30dc)

row 15: repeat (32dc)

Your head kerchief will be triangle shaped now and you will be doing a ‘border’ on it next, so you can do this with a contrasting color yarn if you want at end of row 15, 2dc, ch 3, 1dc in same st.




*working along end of rows now, work 1 dc evenly across at row 1, work 3dc, then work dc’s evenly up other side of kerchief* then work 2dc, ch 3, 1dc in last st on row 15 now work sc evenly across row 15 work 3sc in corner ch3 sp and repeat

** once more, ending with 3sc in corner ch 3sp ch 44 for tie, sl st across, join with sl st to ch 3 sp sc across row, ch 44 for other tie, sl st across, join with sl st to ch 3 sp finish off and weave in ends.


Patterns are copyright N.M. 2007, all rights reserved. Terms of use: I retain copyrights to all my patterns. You may do whatever you like with the finished item. However, you cannot sell my patterns. Do not claim the patterns as your own. Do not post them in emails.


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    Cute! My sister would love it!

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