4th Of July Patriotic Tarts

4th Of July Patriotic Tarts

A wonderful decoration idea for the 4th of July Holiday Celebrations. And it is so fun and easy to make!

What you need

Votive or Pillar Wax
Fluted Tart Mold
Mold Release Spray
Flag Embeds

Red & Blue Cosmetic Glitter
Whipping Bowl, whisk and spoon


Step 1: Prepare your work area and spray your tart molds with mold release spray. Heat wax to 180-200 degrees. Add scent and stir well. Allow wax to cool to 160 degrees and slowly pour into tart molds. Let tarts completely cool.

Step 2: Remove tarts from molds after they have set up. Have embeds and glitter handy.

Step 3: Reheat your scented wax until its melted and pour into the mixing bowl. Allow wax to form a skin or film over the top and then start stirring the wax with a whisk or fork. As the wax cools it will start to thicken up and become clumpy.

Step 4: Place a glass flag in the center of tart and using a spoon surround the flag with whipped wax covering the base and the top of the tart. It will look like a cloud. Sprinkle the glitter over the top. Allow to completely set up and harden.

Ideas Variations You can use this idea and technique for any glass embeds with a stem, from flowers to sea live. Buy changing the wax base color you could have a garden or a sea theme.

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