Butterfly Bead Bookmark

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Butterfly Bead Bookmark

What you need

22 assorted 5-10mm beads
50cm Memory Wire (coated or plain) for butterfly
20 cms of wire for book mark
Large 15mm sequin
Craft glue


Take 50cm of wire and add 11 assorted beads and secure the top bead with glue, this will become the antenna.

Twist it around to make a set of wings as shown in the pictures placing 5 beads on each loop.

Once you have the top set of wings add 11 more beads.

Bend the next set of wings by twisting it around your finger as to form smaller wings , again placing 5 beads into each loop.

Secure tightly by twisting together and finishing up with another Antenna and securing the end bead.

Add a length of wire for the book mark by twisting it into the back of the butterfly. Secure with some glue.

to finish off the butterfly glue the sequin over the wire twists in the middle.

These butterflies make lovely teachers and mothers day gifts.

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  1. Thank you im gonna do this for my mama . oh and yes there are 2 other different bookmarks !! there is a flower and a lady bug !!:)

    GREAT MOTHERS DAY GIFT!!!!!!!!!! <3 IT .

  2. i want easy bcse i am smaal child

  3. jnjkoski says:

    I just joined this group. We have VBS next week. I am going to try this with the older kids, girls anyway. I’m betting it’s a hit. one question though. with the wire end damaging the page? Do you do anything like attaching another bead at the end or is that too chunky? Thanks.

  4. I loved this project because it was fun, turned out beautifull and my friend always looses her bookmarks. I also think that everybody who likes wire crafts should try it.

  5. I needed a quick but cute gift for my mom for mothers day and this was amazing

  6. Look if you love this design try it with different beads/bigger.
    i did this for a birthday party was a hit!!!
    and if you want try a different shape like a flower and it is just as easy as the butterfly!!!!!!!!!
    from Nz kaitlyn weaver a fellow beader and crafter!!!!!

  7. awesome!

  8. i think this is so cute i luv it awsome i really realy want one that’s why i came to this website wish i had one luv it so much can;t wait to get one the person who did this project is one awsome designer wish to be like her lol

  9. so cute—can’t wait to try it!

  10. First time for me to visit this site. I think I will benefit a lot from it. Thanks

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