Vinyl LP Record Earring Holder

Vinyl LP Record Earring Holder

Convert an old LP record into a cool, vintage earring holder that is functional as well as creative.

What you need

Old LP Record
Heat Source
Knitting Needle or Metal Skewer
Plate Stand


Take your LP Record and place some heavy cardboard behind it. This will prevent the metal skewer going through onto your work surface

You will need a heat source, either a lighter, candle, Gas flame or you can heat a knitting needle or metal skewer up on a electric hot plate but be very careful and wear oven gloves to prevent burns.

Take your Hot Needle and poke it through the record to make a whole. You obviously want to make your holes in sets of 2 for each pair of earrings.

For smaller studs you could use a heated darning needle. Place as many holes as you need around the record.

If you want to hang bracelets you can make a hook using a heated nail and pushing it into the record and allowing it to cool. This will give you something to hang necklaces on etc.

When completed allow all the holes to cool completely. Place it onto a plate stand and onto your dressing table.

You could also create a hole for a hanging ribbon at the top so that you can make a hanging loop. This will allow you to carry around the record from bedroom to bathroom or even to hang it up out of the way when not in use.

This project was contributed by Rachell Lee


  1. Like your idea. I needed to find a way to put holes in the LP…as I am using it as the base of aFASCINATOR…with flowers and netting attached. Your tips helped me a lot.

  2. Great Idea! I heated the whole LP to begin with so I could fold one end and make it freestanding with out the plate stand, which I didn’t have,let it cool and then did my holes. Great looking and unique!

  3. Theleeyahs says

    Great idea!

  4. Great idea! I have a lot of earrings and because they are in boxes I forget what I have. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to start and an extra bonus is my room is music themed, so it will fit in great.

  5. I’m doing this!!!

  6. i am about to start doing this. i always wanted to put my earrings on some nice cool place. great idea. thanks

  7. wow! i will so try this!

  8. Just awesome!

  9. Awesome. I came up with the same idea and was just trying to figure out how to put the holes in the record when I stumbled across your page. Thanks for the help, its brilliant!

  10. this is so cool… i love it. i would of never thought of it..and i am so glad i found the idea because one i can make one for my room.. and two i needed something to write about for my school paper..i had to come up with a DIY(do it yourself) article and this is perfect!

  11. This idea was amazing. I’ve got an extensive earring collection, so I used 4 LP’s!! I simply made a slightly larger hole in each one and joined them to make a square shape, with ribbon. Paperclips are great for hanging necklaces from!

  12. This is a great idea and I am going to try it this week over April vacation!!!

  13. I did this yesterday, and it worked great! I used a nail, one of the longer ones, and heated it up with a candle. You would think it would constantly get stuck, but it only happenned twice, and I was quickly able to get it out. Excellent project idea!!

  14. You probably couldn’t use CDs because the CD would crack.

    That having been said: Wonderful idea! I’ve been trying to find a new earing tree since mine broke, and this is perfect!

  15. cute idea

  16. I did this tonight, but instead of using a hot skewer I used a dremel to drill all the holes. It worked out really nicely. Great Idea.

  17. Just a hint for others records are easy to find at any local thift store =D

  18. This is a perfect Idea I just recently added a vanity area into my room design and the wall behind it is made up of old records
    So this idea flows perfectly

  19. cool idea – but i don’t really have an LP record (nor do i know anyone that does) – can old cds be used for this do you think?? — overall really good idea

  20. dis is lush!it looks amazin

  21. awesome idea…jackie

  22. very cool idea!! make smaller ones fron cd’s maybe??..hanging it is a better idea, also….can’t wait to make one!!! thanks..

  23. niiiiceee

  24. Looks so funky on my wall

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