Valentines Heart Zipper Pouch

Valentines Heart Zipper Pouch

Create a cute heart shaped zipper pouch using this tutorial with step by step directions and pictures.

What you need

Valentines Fabric, 5″ Paper Heart Template, Pink Ric Rac, Batting, Zipper, Key Ring, Sewing Machine


1. Trace and Cut out 4 5″ hearts from your fabric using a heart template. Cut out 2 hearts from quilt batting.

2. Stack 2 of the fabric hearts wrong sides together and place one of the batting hearts between them. Cut them in half diagonally.

3. Using the top half of your heart, Place on fabric piece right side up, Place the zipper right side up on top of it, lining it up with the cut edge. Place the 2nd heart piece right side down, and the batting on top of it, lining up the cut edges.

4. Stitch down the cut edge of the heart, going through both layers of fabric, the batting and the zipper. Fold the fabric and batting up so that the right side is out, flip over and repeat with back.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 with the bottom half of the heart pieces, lining them up with the cut edge and sewing together. Flip them right sides up and iron flat.

6. Cut a 1″x3″ piece of fabric. Iron the edges in, fold in half and stitch down the sides so you have a small rectangle of fabric.

7. Cut a 20″ piece of pink ric rac. Stitch it around the edges of the front heart piece. (the side with the zipper.)

8. Fold the rectangle of fabric in half and pin it to the top edge of the zipper. Stitch down the edge.

9. Stack the remaining heart pieces with the wrong sides together and batting in between them. Place them on top of the zippered piece with the right side in. Make sure your zipper is halfway open. Stitch completely around the outside edges of your heart with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

10. Flip right side out through the zipper and iron flat. Add a key ring onto the looped rectangle.

All done! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Put the ring on the strap piece before you sew it to the heart. Would make it much easier.

  2. It would have been so simple to add a template for the heart. Good tutorial though. Made it all seem simple and quick. I will make one for my grand daughter for Valentine’s Day. Thank you for the free information.

  3. Can anyone tell me what width of rickrack to use? 5/8″ looks too small, but 1″ and 1-1/8″ looks too big. I couldn’t find anything in between. THANKS

  4. Looks like I should head for the sewing room…this is a really cute project…I like the idea of adding the ring instead of a strap…and I so concur with the comments about needing a TEMPLATE…come on……

  5. Sheryll Seidel says

    I made one tonight. I’m not big on the fabric strap because it just sticks straight out, so I attacked a key ring on the zipper tab. I also eliminated the rick rack. It came out cute.

  6. I love the project and already have several made…I joined but b4 I did I just copied each segment and paste it to document…no ads…
    And as far as wishing a template was included…come on… haven’t u ever drawn a heart or folded a paper in half and cut a heart out once in your life…does everything have to be done for people! Use your imagination for crying out loud….

    • Martine (France)

      Fine project. Thank you Shellie.
      I agree with Renee.Shellie gave us a very good idea and how to make it.
      Drawing a heart is so simple! Just do it!

  7. I wish I could print these out without all the adverts etc.

  8. I like it

  9. barbara johnson says

    I really like this project..thanks!

  10. Very cute!

  11. I think this is really cute.

  12. Very cute! Love the project, but it would have been nice if you’d included a 5″ heart template/pattern….

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