Tin of Bones Halloween Invitation

Tin of Bones Halloween Invitation

For this project you will need to make some bones using the poly/sculpey clay or fimo clay and then bake them as per the instructions on the product packet.

What you need

Small Paint Cans
Polyclay/sculpey Clay
Orange, black and purple light weight Cardstock


Print out your invitation onto orange card and matt it onto the black and purple cardstock.

Make sure the invite will roll up into the can and is not too big.

Using craft glue, run a line of glue around the top and bottom of the can and secure the orange card to form a new label for you can.

If you wanted you could print some halloween designs onto the can using your printer or even easier a stamp.

Just leave enough room for the address.

Pop the lid on and you are ready to send it.

You could add a stamp to the can lid as well if you wanted to.

Include this poem:

Invitation Halloween

This wonderful project idea and image was contributed by Heather ( heathershannon@charter.net )

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  1. Marshmellowmas says

    this is very spooktacular, get it spook and then tackular, i crack myself up , hey im only 12, so laugh, haha

  2. coolio

  3. My high school aged daughter is having a party. She can make bones from clay or dough, write the party info on the bones, then collect them in a can for door prizes at her party!

  4. Loved this, I first saw this on Craftster.org

  5. nice project-original

  6. Wow! This is spectacular. Thanks Heather!

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