Soup Can Cup

Soup Can Cup

Convert an empty soup can into a cup!

What you need

1 Campbell’s Soup can 10.75oz pop top type
6 cardboard disc 3.5″ dia.
6 cardboard disc 2.5″ dia.
6 cardboard strips 1/2″ x 5″
1 cabinet knob with screw
2 small brads
Two part epoxy, white glue, walnut stain, and amber shellac


Cut 6 disc from shoe box cardboard 3.5″ dia, glue disc together with white glue(make sure to leave plain surface face on both sides) place a weight on top to clamp.

Cut 6 disc from same type cardboard 2.5″ and glue together to form lid.

Cut 6 strips of same material 1/2″ wide and 5″ long, glue together and bend into the shape of the handle as in photos, let dry in this shape, round off ends when dry and punch small hole at both ends for small brad.

Sand all the assembled cardboard pieces(make sure to sand out any glue marks to allow staining), and stain all pieces.

Attach the handle to the side of soup can and larger disc to bottom of can with 2 part epoxy.

Cut both brads off(just long enough to go the handle, not the can) so that they can be placed into the holes in the handle to give the look of rivets.

Drill hole in center of smaller disc and attach cabinet knob(I used a clear metal knob, but you could use a wood knob, the metal colors the same as can when shellac is applied) the screw may have to be shortened with hack saw.

Apply about 4 0r 5 coats of amber shellac(the amber shellac creates the bronze look as in photo) to all assemblies.

Allow cup and lid to dry completely before putting together.


  1. brilliant !

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