Soap Skewers

Soap Skewers

These soaps on a skewer project is great for those who can't make their mind up about which soap to make.

What you need

3 cups of soap flakes
1 cup of water
essential or fragrant oils


Place the soap flakes into a double boiler, add the water a small bit at a time and stir well to help break down the soap flakes.

Once you have a sticky but firm consistency pull it off the weight and take 1 tbs of the mix into different bowls to create 4-5 different batches.

Add color and scent to each batch.

Keep whipping it with a fork as it cools down to smooth out any bumps and lumps.

Then roll each batch into a ball.

Gently push a ball onto the skewer and place it onto a tray to dry as normal.

putting soap on skewer

You could also use a regular soap ball recipe for this or even your favourite soap recipe and make it a little dryer.

It is also great for using up the scraping from the bottom of the pan.

I added a tbs of coconut oil to mine just to prevent the soap being so harsh.

Once the skewer is dry, let it set as normal and let it dry out before use.

You could wrap these up with cellophane as a fun soap gift for loved ones.

You could even thread these onto a Chopstick for a very fun creative project, try using Asian scents such as Jasmin, green tea and rose water soaps.


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