Rose Petal Soap

Rose Petal Soap

These soaps look great when wrapped up in cellophane and a silk rose placed on top.

What you need

4-ounce (110gms) melt and pour soap or soap flakes
10-drops of Rose fragrance
1/2 cup of chopped rose petals.
Red food coloring


This recipe uses the Melt & Pour Soap Making method using Melt and Pour Soap base. 

Melt your soap down using a double boiler method.

Once melted add the rose oil and rose petals.

Keep stirring until completely mixed and then pour into your soap molds.


  1. Not that I’m the author, but here are some answers to the comments below: Rose petals can sometimes be bought from the flower section of a grocery store. Dried ones are available at craft stores. Any kind of flower petal, like pansies, looks great. Soap color (NOT food coloring) can be purchased at any craft supply store, or online for the cheap. It should be added at TRACE, as in, when the soap starts cooling enough that, when you pick up the spoon out of the pot, the soap drizzling down sort of sits on the surface before falling to mix in with the rest of the soap. Soap is fantastic for gifts for people of all sorts. Not only does it gets used, for the practical folks, it doesn’t hang around taking up space! Try experimenting with herbs, like mint!

  2. homespun_treasures says

    Am wondering where to get rose petals since I dont have rose bushes to take from.

  3. nice;) you help mi at my project tenks:)

  4. When do you add the food coloring ?

  5. great for gift giving esp on valentines day. do you have a list of stores where can i get the complete materials and esp the molder? im from philippines – jeannette

  6. The idea and reipe are ok but pix is very bad representation. Not very enticing.

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