Rice Bag Artwork

Rice Bag Artwork

I have been collecting the hessian 5kg rice bags for the past 4 years and finally came up with something (other than a bag) to use them for.

What you need

5kg Rice Bag
Canvas Frame
Craft Blade


I started by cutting the hessian bag into two panels. The front panel and the back panel.

I then measured out the size onto my canvas and the windows into the canvas.

Using an acrylic paint or a spray paint, paint the canvas and allow it to dry. Don’t over soak the canvas or it will sag.

Glue the hessian bag panels onto the bag of the frame and hang on the wall.


  1. Sorry dont meen to get ya down but WHY WOULD YOU WANT RICE BAGS ON YUOR WALLS?????????????

  2. simple but really nice to brighten up a space

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