Paper Mache Potpourri Sachet Balls

Paper Mache Potpourri Sachet Balls

Sachet balls are nice for freshening closets or dresser drawers and they are fun and easy to make. There are a number of different ways to make them, but these potpourri sachet balls made out of paper mache are especially interesting. You can choose whatever kind of potpourri you prefer to put inside.

What you need

Small rubber ball
Old newspapers
White flour
Tacky craft glue
Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
Sharp craft knife
Ice pick or awl
Potpourri (dried lavender is particularly nice)
Acrylic craft paints in various colors
Narrow ribbon
Paint brush
Small cork
Cutting mat (to protect the table)
Pearl-headed straight pins
Empty egg carton
Small funnel


1.    In the bowl, create paper mache glue using the flour and water.

2.    Tear the newspaper into small strips

3.    Coat the rubber ball with a layer of petroleum jelly

4.    Dip a paper strip in the paper mache paste, and lay on the rubber ball. Repeat with other strips of paper until the entire ball is covered in about five layers of newspaper and paste. Place the paper covered ball in one cup of the egg carton. Allow to dry completely (depending on the temperature and humidity, this may take one or more days).

5.    When dry, place the ball on the cutting mat. Make a small horizontal line on the ball (you’ll use this mark to re-align the two half of the paper mache ball after you cut them apart).

6.    Using the craft knife, cut through the paper mache coating and gently separate the two halves of the paper mache sphere from the rubber ball.

7.    Allow the two halves to finish drying inside.

8.    Glue the two halves back together, using the line you marked on the ball to get them properly aligned.

9.    Connect the two halves with a few pieces of newspaper and paper mache paste. Allow to dry.

10.    Use the ice pick or awl to poke holes in the sachet balls. Make one larger hole in the bottom of the ball, sized so that the small cork will fit snugly.

11.    Paint the balls with a coat of white paint or primer. Allow to dry. Then decorate the balls by painting them whatever color you desire, adding painted designs if you want to. Allow the paint to dry completely.

12.    Use the small funnel to fill the ball with potpourri through the larger hole in the bottom. Plug with the cork.

13.    Tie a ribbon around the ball, using small dabs of craft glue to secure it. Tie the loose ends into a bow at the top of the ball. If you plan to hang the sachet ball in the closet, add a small loop of ribbon or cord as a hanger.

14.    Hang in your closet and enjoy the wonderful scent.

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  1. What kind of paint should be used?

  2. could make christmas baubles using this technique – thatnks

  3. Nice craft for children to make as gifts.

    I gave the craft 3 stars, only because there is a MUCH simpler way to make these.

    OMIT the rubber ball. Use a balloon instead. Blow up to the desired size, cover with the paper mache – but leave a small area around the neck of the balloon uncovered, dry completely. Pop the balloon, remove. Fill with potpourri – OR – substitute a cotton ball spritzed with desired scent. (Perfume, essential oil, vanilla extract, cinnamon, etc..) Cover the opening with paper mache, allow to dry. Paint or decorate as desired. Poke holes for the scent to escape. If desired, glue on a ribbon to hang; or place several in a cute dish for display.


    • Your suggestion of balloons is far superior to using a ball. As a child, we used this method, and worked like a charm. Thanks for the memories! Honestly, had forgotten how much fun it was to make paper mache… anything! Particularly, it’s less riskily around childre. Considering how impatient they can be during craft time. Headed to the dollar store for balloons, tomorrow!

  4. Nice idea for kids to make for birthdays, Mother’s Day or even as a Christmas gift.

    I gave this craft 3 stars, only because there is a MUCH simpler way of making these:

    Omit the rubber ball. Simply blow up a small balloon to the desired size. Cover it with the paper mache, but leave a small area around the neck uncovered. Allow to dry completely. Pop and remove the balloon. Fill with the potpourri, OR substitute a cotton ball spritzed with desired scent. (You could use perfume, essential oil, vanilla, cinnamon or a Christmas spray, etc.) Cover the open area with paper mache and allow to dry. Poke the holes. Glue on a ribbon. Hang, or place in a few in a dish.


  5. What do you do with the straight pins? How do make a hole in the bottom that will fit the cork?

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