No Sew Baby Overalls Purse

No Sew Baby Overalls Purse

For this project you will need a pair of old children's overalls from a thrift store.

What you need

Baby overalls
Hot melt or craft glue


The bigger the overalls the bigger you bag will be. We have used a cute little baby’s overall suit for this little purse. If your overalls has any pockets on the front it will make a great little mobile pocket on the outside of your bag.

Start by cutting the legs off, making sure to cut above the crutch or you will end up with a tuft.

Turn the bag inside out creating a hem so you don’t see the glue line. Glue the bag closed. You could use hot glue or a strong fabric glue it really depends on just how much stuff you are planning to cram into this bag.

If you have a sewing machine then it would be more durable to use a sewing machine and sew across the bottom to close it up. Make sure you do 2 zig zag stitches on a sewing machine to strengthen it.



  1. this looks so cute i wolud have to do this for my project

  2. i would have to make this so i have a baby bag

  3. great baby shower gift.EASY

  4. babyduck4god says


  5. so cute! I would NEVER be able to do it but it’s so cute 😀

  6. adorable

  7. I dont think I could do it! The overalls are too cute!!

  8. I love this idea. There are tons of baby clothes out “there” that could be recycled into this type of bag!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. id buy one! im 13 yrs old and i love it. LOVE IT!

  10. surprisingly cute good job

  11. Most people would be able to look closely at this project and see that it was made from infant clothing, then make their own. These are adorable but if you’re trying to sell them you might want to at least stitch in a lining for a more finished look.

  12. i have been making these bags for a long time and have not been able to sell a single one! and i thought it was a wonderful idea! go figure

  13. a great use for the bibs that my son used to wear that I still think are so cute, and can’t bear to give away!

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