Romantic Gift Basket Idea

Romantic Gift Basket Idea

Thinking of putting together a DIY romantic gift basket for a wedding or engagement? Look no further!

What you need

Massage lotion
Bubble bath
Scented candles
CD or cassette tape of romantic music.
Hot Chocolate sachets
Soup sachets
Marshmallows and prongs for melting them with.


Line a basket with our bear rug using the pattern below or use some pretty fabric and using the pattern make a larger bear rug the couple can actually sit on. Fill the basket with some or all of the above suggestions.

Make the “bear rug” out of fake fur or a warm polar fleece or even a velour.

Use the pattern shown to cut a “bear skin” out of the fabric then hem it either by hand or on your sewing machine.

Alternatively you could package these items up in a heart shaped box for a romantic gift!

Download Bear Pattern.


  1. need a picture please!

  2. I don’t think it’s a nerdy Idea at all. My boyfriend wouldn’t use the massage lotion on his own but I would certainly rub it on him. And we would use all of the other things on our anniversary. I love it!!

  3. thats kind of weird that you gave your boyfriend foot lotion! this is kindof a nerdy idea! manly guys dont really like this stuff

  4. I loved it! So did my Boyfreind he really liked that I’d gone to the trouble of making it for him. I cahnged some of the contents to include some posh shaving cream and some manly foot lotion!

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